Her Sister Ruined Her Wedding Day, and Now She Won’t Help Her Financially. What Would You Have Done?

A new bride recently asked for opinions after she told her sister to stop trying to drum up MLM business at her wedding. Here is the full story.

A Joyous Wedding Day

OP is a 29-year-old woman who married her wife a few months back. It was a joyous day, and the couple was surrounded by all the people they love. One of the guests was OP’s sister.

The sister has been involved in MLM for three years and has become a different person since starting the business. She’s constantly trying to get her friends and family to buy in.

OP and the sister are part of several of the same group chats, so OP gets to see her sis in action. It’s not pretty, and she was already concerned before the wedding.

Then, the day of OP’s ceremony, the wedding planner approached OP and her wife in a panic because someone was handing out MLM business cards. 

But Her Sister Was Promoting Her Business

OP went to track down the infiltrator and found it was none other than her own sister.

OP told her sis to cut it out, and she did – temporarily. But the sister spent most the night trying to talk people into the business and generally making everyone uncomfortable.

Now, everywhere she goes, OP has to hear about her sister’s behavior. Whenever she runs into one of her wedding guests, all they can talk about is what a sad display her sister put on.

No surprise, then, that OP is still angry and embarrassed about the whole scene. It doesn’t help that her sister has not apologized.

It Was a Sore Spot in Their Relationship

It has been a big sore spot in their relationship, but OP admits it was really a small blip as far as the wedding was concerned. It’s still her favorite day ever and full of amazing memories.

But recently, OP’s mom called her and told her that her sister’s business has not been doing well. She hasn’t been hitting her sales quotas, and things are getting bleak.

The sister has fallen behind on her rent and is falling deeper into debt. She needs help soon or she might face eviction.

OP’s sister had asked their mom for financial help, but the mom decided to pass the buck. She wanted OP to send her sister money to help her weather the MLM storm.

She Was Still Upset

OP refused and told her mom that she was still upset about the mess her sister made at the wedding. OP was also positive that any money she gave her sister would end up sunk into another MLM scheme.

Mom told OP she was being cruel and rude for not helping her sister. They were still family, after all, and letting her struggle was a betrayal.

She even hit her with the old line about “this is not the way I raised you.”

But OP told her mother she needed to be realistic and tell the sister to get a real job. Supporting her fantasy of making a living with MLM wasn’t going to help her in the long term.

She’s Not Talking To Her Mom

Now, OP and her mother aren’t talking to each other because of this issue.

Many Reddit commenters agree that the sister’s behavior at the wedding was inappropriate and understand the poster’s decision not to help financially.

Some commenters, though, believe that the poster should have a conversation with her sister about the MLM and try to help her find a better financial opportunity.

Others suggest that the poster should offer to help their sister in a way that is not directly financial, such as finding job openings or providing emotional support.

She Should Talk to Her Sister

And the mom is taking some heat for turning the sister’s request for help over to OP rather than dealing with it herself.

What do you think? Was OP right for shutting her sister down at the wedding? And should she pitch in to help her sister now that times are tough?

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