Her Video Went Viral When She Was Dumped for Having a Male Best Friend and Saying “Love Him So Bad”

This woman was promptly dumped after posting a video with her male best friend on social media. Can women have male best friends?

“Love Him So Bad”

In the digital age dominated by social media, maintaining relationships can become a challenging endeavor, as showcased by one woman’s experience.

TikTok user Liana found herself in a perplexing situation when she claimed that a guy she had been seeing abruptly ended things after she uploaded a seemingly innocent video.

The clip featured her guy best friend holding a portable fan up to her face during an outdoor event, accompanied by a caption expressing affection, “Love him so bad.”

Liana, earnestly sharing her side of the story on TikTok, recounted how the man she had been talking to for a few weeks decided to drop her. 

He Didn’t Want Her To Have a Close Male Friend

His reason? He expressed his unwillingness to be involved with someone who had a close male friend, deeming it disrespectful and insinuating that such a friendship would be detrimental to their budding relationship.

The video gained significant traction, amassing nearly half a million views. 

Liana faced a surprising turn of events when all comments were removed, suggesting that the internet’s response might not have been in her favor.

Although some comments emerged in other videos where Liana addressed the backlash, she appeared nonchalant, seemingly unperturbed by netizens’ opinions of her.

“The Guy Dodged a Bullet”

Opinions ranged from skepticism to outright criticism, with one user asserting that her “guy dodged a bullet,” implying that he had made the right decision to end things. 

Another commenter chimed in, expressing a rather pessimistic view of relationships, stating that any man she would ever get with would hold the same opinion about male best friends, categorizing them as being “for the streets.”

Nonetheless, Liana later offered a more comprehensive response to address the outrage surrounding her original video. 

She revealed that the reason she had deleted the comments was due to the influx of hateful remarks about her appearance, which had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

A Viral Private Conversation

She also admitted that her ex-partner had seen the video and expressed annoyance at its virality.

Offering some clarification, Liana said, “I’ve apologized [to him]. I don’t think any of the men I talk to are ‘content.’

It’s just that they are subjected to being in content after it’s said and done. I also didn’t know that this was going to happen. I had no idea.”

The Dynamics of Having Male Best Friends

Despite the unexpected backlash, Liana maintained a positive outlook and expressed gratitude for starting a conversation about the dynamics of having male best friends. 

She thanked those who stood by her, supporting her amidst the criticism.

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