He’s a Work-From-Home Husband and Quits Job After His Spoiled Brat Wife Kept Interrupting His Meetings

A fed-up husband took to Reddit for opinions after he was forced to go back to the office when his wife wouldn’t respect his work-from-home arrangements. Now she feels rejected and he feels guilty. Here is the full story.

He Handled Confidential Information

OP works in healthcare and often has to discuss confidential information with both clients and doctors. Discretion is of the greatest importance, and he takes that responsibility very seriously.

Last year, OP had the chance to take a job that would allow him to work from home three days a week.

He thought it would be great to be around his 4-year-old daughter more and could even give his wife a break from time to time.

OP’s wife agreed that the change would be great for their family, so he took a chance and began working from home part time.

He Explained the Working From Home Rules

Before he got started, though, OP and his wife sat their daughter down and explained the rules to him. If daddy was in his office with the door closed, she had to knock before entering. And she had to go away if he told her to.

The little girl seemed to understand the situation, and OP was ready to roll.

True to her word, OP’s daughter respected the rules he had put into place. She was very cautious about disturbing him while he was working and left him alone if he told her he was too busy to talk.

The problem was that OP’s wife did not behave as well as her daughter did.

But His Wife Would Interrupt His Meetings

From the very beginning of his new work arrangement, OP’s wife started barging in on him during meetings. He reminded her that his work required the utmost privacy, but she kept flouting the rules.

Sometimes, OP’s wife would come into his office carrying their daughter, and OP could see the little girl was afraid of getting in trouble for entering without knocking. But her mother didn’t care.

It got so bad that OP finally had to install a lock on his door, which angered his wife. She said she didn’t like being locked out of a room in her own house.

OP kept the lock in place, but things didn’t really get much better. While she could no longer barge in, his wife would stand outside and jiggle the door until he had to mute his meeting and come talk to her.

And Even Leave Their Daughter Unattended Under His Care

It all came to a head the day before Thanksgiving. OP had a meeting, but his wife wanted him to watch their daughter while she went to the grocery store.

His wife again stood at his office door and shook the lock until OP came to talk to her. He was angry and told her to leave him alone until the end of the day.

A little while later, OP’s wife texted him and said that she left the house as planned and that their daughter was watching TV in the next room.

So He Went Back to the Office for Some Privacy

That was the last straw. After the holiday, OP went to his boss and asked to come back to the office full time. The boss agreed, and OP made the move.

Now, OP’s wife is angry at him for blowing up the new freedom she had found with him at home more often. And he feels guilty because he’s missing out on time with his daughter.

But OP is the only working adult in the family, and they’d be in big trouble if he got fired.

is His Wife Is Spoiled and Entitled?

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s decision to return to the office. They think he did just about everything he could to make the work-from-home arrangement work.

But they say his wife seems spoiled and entitled, and they think she has only herself to blame.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP right for heading back to the office full time?

Or did he overreact to his wife’s meddling?

And do you think there was another compromise they could have made?

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