He’s at Revolting Odds with His 60-Year-Old Colleague for Not Flushing! And It’s Not Toilet Humor

Being sanitary at work is beneficial not only for yourself but also for the health and hygiene of co-workers. It seems that some co-workers are unaware of how to be sanitary in the workplace, even though the measures are something everyone should know how to do.

Frustrating Flushing Wars

A task as simple as flushing the toilet seems complicated for some people. Although it is something we practice from a young age, some people do not grasp the hygienic concept behind it even when they are adults.

TikToker Nicholas @raupptimusprime shares his story about a colleague at work that doesn’t seem to know how and why it is sanitary to flush the urinal after he uses it.

This isn’t the first time that Nicholas has needed to accost his co-worker for unsanitary behavior. Hence, he came to TikTok to share his frustration with the world and seek others’ opinions.

It is clear how frustrated Nicholas is with this repeated behavior. His body language and facial expression say it all.

He Finds It Disgustingly Irritating

His wide-eyed expression and hand movements show how irritating this issue is for him, which is understandable if he has to continue telling his co-worker how to use the toilet.

Nicholas shares that whenever he walks into the bathroom at work after this one particular co-worker has used it, he finds the smell and situation “so gross”. He goes as far as saying he feels assaulted by the smell.

He is “so done” that he will not stop accosting his co-worker until he gets the point and flushes the urinal after himself. 

Nicholas’ co-worker is in his 60s and whenever he goes to the toilet, he seems to not understand why it is sanitary and important to flush the toilet. 

He’s Tried to Be Polite to the Urinator

Even though Nicholas has spoken to him and his supervisor about it several times, nothing is being done about the issue.

Nicholas does not wish to use the urinal after his co-worker has used it but as we all know, when you need to go you need to go. 

Nicholas should not have to worry or struggle to use the bathroom at work, especially for something that he has reported. 

Nicholas has got nothing back from sharing his polite opinion with his co-worker. Hence, he seems to think that this issue will continue no matter how many times this man is told how offensive his actions are. 

Other Colleagues Also Find It Gross

It is clear that other people have this same issue in their workplace. The comments suggest how gross other people find this. Plus, they show that other people have had to tell their co-worker’s similar sanitary tips. 

One commenter suggests they have had to ask their co-worker to wash their hands repeatedly for the sake of the health and hygiene of others in the workplace. 

Another person states that is something a young child would do until they are aware of the hygiene issues.

They do not expect an old man to avoid flushing a urinal, as they should be well aware of how disgusting this is. Not only is the smell bad, but the hygiene issues are huge when people do not flush their personal waste. 

Post-it Note Reminders to Be Hygienic

It is funny yet awful that others can share similar stories. One commenter goes as far as admitting they have had to leave post-it notes around the workplace to remind people how to be sanitary for the sake of others’ hygiene. 

Nobody would think that adults need toilet training. However, it seems this might need to be a new workplace training measure so that co-workers can feel healthy and hygienic when surrounded by others in the space. 

We only hope that when co-workers are told how to be hygienic at work, they listen and practice sanitary measures to make other employees feel safe and comfortable.

It shouldn’t be down to the supervisors and managers to step in. 

Is There a Loo-P Hole?

For Nicholas, speaking to his supervisor didn’t work.

However, it should have worked and the future of the sanitary measures should be resolved so that he and his co-workers cannot feel offended every time the same person uses the toilet.

How would you react in this situation? Have you experienced similar unsanitary issues in the workplace?

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