He’s Been Betrayed Twice: After Losing His Wife, He Unravels Roommate’s Dark Secrets and Takes a Stand!

OP’s wife had only just left him for another man, so he was devastated when his closest friend and roommate decided to cheat on his loving girlfriend with someone from Tinder. His friend’s girlfriend paid for everything in the relationship and clearly loved him very much, forcing OP to make a heartbreaking decision, losing his friend in the process.

A Heartbreaking Secret

Dean and Cliff lived happily together until Dean revealed Cliff’s heartbreaking secret that disrupted the peace in their home.

Dean welcomed Cliff into their shared living space for a temporary summer internship.

Cliff had recently moved across the state for a local minor league baseball team job. However, the position didn’t come with a large paycheck.

His girlfriend, Meg, stepped in to cover his expenses.

It Was Evident That Meg Loved Cliff With All Her Heart

“She paid for his rent, his gas, and his food. Not only was this girl very generous, and she was beautiful. He was a really lucky guy,” Dean explained.

Dean and Cliff grew closer, and a friendship blossomed between them.

Meg often visited on weekends, supporting Cliff financially, even assisting him with work-related tasks such as being the team mascot.

It was evident that Meg loved Cliff with all her heart.

… But He Caught Cliff on Tinder

In a shocking twist, Dean noticed Cliff swiping on Tinder.

Dean thought nothing of it, reasoning, “I figure they might have some kind of open arrangement and didn’t want to get in the middle.”

As the day of Cliff’s departure drew near, the roommates celebrated their time together with a farewell visit to an escape room.

Dean returned home to a disturbing scene after their failed attempt to crack the puzzles.

“Guys and Girls Can Be Friends”

Dean saw a girl he didn’t recognize in his living room before exclaiming, “Dude, that’s a girl!”

Cliff’s defensive response was, “Guys and girls can be friends,” leaving Dean suspicious.

Dean had been cheated on in the past and was disturbed by the scene, “I really cannot stand a cheater. My wife had left me earlier in the year for another man.”

Dean’s world was shattered by the sounds of intimacy coming from Cliff’s room, “I do keep my door open so that my dog can come and go. When this strange girl came in the house, she started to bark at her.”

Friends With Benefits?

Then he reveals the shocking truth, “After that I started to hear them having sex.”

“At this point, I am very upset. I had told him about my ex-wife and everything she had put me through,” Dean recalls as he’s forced with a dilemma on what to do next.

With Cliff’s job ending, it was soon time for him to leave the flat, so Dean decided to tell Meg the painful truth.

Dean messaged Meg saying, “I was wondering if you and your boyfriend had a special relationship? Do you and your boyfriend have an open relationship?”

It Wasn’t the First Time…

Meg confirmed that she and Cliff did not have an open relationship.

Dean delivered the bitter truth, and Meg acknowledged that this wasn’t the first time Cliff had been unfaithful.

Meg then confronted Cliff on the matter before Dean blocked his number!

Dean has no idea if they broke up and has lost contact with his close friend.

“You Did Absolutely the Right Thing”

Was this a good move, or was it a cowardly act? One admitted, “If I was the girlfriend, I would appreciate your honesty and consideration, even if it was difficult to hear.”

Another also expressed admiration while raising some concerns, “You did absolutely the right thing. Although I’m 97% certain the girlfriend thought you were hitting on her with those open relationship questions.”

Would you have gone about this situation differently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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