He’s Made a Huge Mistake, and Now He’s Paying the Price – Can He Fix It?

Respect is a crucial aspect of any healthy relationship, be it romantic or otherwise. Without it, the foundation of the relationship is bound to crumble sooner or later. This story shows us how a lack of respect and understanding can lead to the downfall of a long-term relationship.

They’ve Been Together for Four Years

Al and Peggy have been in a relationship for four years. They have been through many ups and downs but have always managed to work through their problems.

However, this time it seems different. Al is worried that Peggy is about to leave him.

It all started on a Saturday when the couple decided to go out to eat. Peggy offered to pay for the meal before they left their apartment.

However, when they arrived at the restaurant, Al ended up paying for the meal while Peggy was talking to a girl in line. After they ordered, they had to wait for about 10-15 minutes for their food.

I Guess I’ll Just Damn Well Pay for That

During this time, Peggy had not mentioned paying Al back for the meal.

When their food finally arrived, it was in a large catering tray and very hot. Peggy suggested that they drop it off in the car since they were still going to look around for drinks and snacks.

However, Al declined and said that he would carry it. Peggy then suggested that she wait in the waiting area while Al got what he wanted with the tray to ensure its safety.

Al snapped and said, “Oh, okay, I guess I’ll just damn well pay for that, too, and everything else!” Peggy was immediately confused and told Al that she would send him the money.

She Got Angry

However, Al was already walking out and going to the car. When they got to the car, Al told Peggy that she was selfish and unappreciative of what he did for her.

Peggy got angry and sent Al $50, which was the cost of the food. This made Al even more upset, and he told Peggy that she was still unappreciative of everything he did for her.

They continued to argue, and Al raised his voice, telling Peggy to shut up because he was driving. Peggy got even more mad and started screaming at him while they were still driving home.

When they got home, Peggy tried to talk to Al and apologize for yelling while he was driving. However, Al didn’t want to talk to her and told her so. They hardly spoke to each other the following day.

She Was Leaving

The next day, Al noticed that Peggy had turned off the location on her phone. When he checked the security camera, he saw that all the furniture Peggy had bought was stacked by the door as if she was about to leave!

Al hadn’t called or texted her yet because he didn’t know what to say. He felt like Peggy was overreacting and not trying to understand him.

A Redditor commented on Al’s post, saying that he didn’t do himself any favors by having an outburst. While he wasn’t necessarily wrong about the payment, presentation matters.

His girlfriend’s response to yelling at him while he was driving was equally problematic. The Redditor believed that something might be missing from the story and that it wasn’t just about their disagreement on Saturday.

She Lost Her Job and Was Understandably Penny Pinching

Al responded by explaining that his girlfriend had been penny-pinching since she lost her job last month. She was always searching for coupons and going to the grocery store every day to control food waste and save money.

He also revealed that he had been feeling unappreciated for a while, and this disagreement wasn’t the only reason for their current situation.

Al recounted how he had made reservations for a restaurant on Peggy’s birthday and gave her an hour to get ready. They took pictures, and he showed that he cared by doing that for her. 

However, on Al’s birthday, Peggy only offered to throw a party or TAKE HIM TO HAWAII(!), but when he declined it, she didn’t bother thinking of something else. 

She Offered to Take Him to Hawaii

She didn’t have a gift for him, and they had a BBQ at home, which Al spent most of the time cooking.

Peggy felt that since she cooked every day and did the cleaning, getting the sides together and cleaning up after the BBQ was enough to count as helping.

Al is now realizing that maybe this is a fundamental incompatibility between them. He loves Peggy but feels like he needs more appreciation and understanding from her.

He doesn’t want to lose her, but he also doesn’t know what to do to fix things. The situation has him feeling lost and confused. 

He Was Verbally and Emotionally Abusive Towards Her

Unfortunately, Reddit was quick to lay into this guy, with one saying they were glad his girlfriend was leaving. They pointed out how insufferable he was and how he was verbally and emotionally abusive towards her.

Al complained that Peggy didn’t do anything for his birthday, but she had offered to throw him a party or pay for them to go to Hawaii, both of which he declined! She can’t win!

The truth is Al is in denial. He’s been a bad boyfriend for a long time, and Peggy has had enough. He’s been controlling, manipulative, and verbally abusive.

He’s held money over her head and expected her to contribute more to their joint expenses just because she makes less money than he does. No wonder she’s finished with him!

He Has to Learn Where HE Went Wrong

Hopefully, Al learns where he went wrong in this relationship and is able to work on himself so he can have more luck next time!

What do you think about this story? Who’s in the wrong?

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