He’s Played a Torturous “Prank” on His Boyfriend for Months and When He Owned Up to It His Boyfriend Left Him. Was the Prank Was a Gross Violation of Trust?

This story is about a 24-year-old man named Shane who took harmless pranks a tad too far. Shane discovered an unusual amusement in his partner’s embarrassment and soon began to utilize it to gain some adorable attention from him. But the harmless mischief soon escalated, straining their relationship and raising serious questions about the fine line between a playful jest and insensitive behavior. Let’s jump in.

They Were Blissfully Living Together

Shane and his 25-year-old boyfriend had been living together harmoniously for about a year. In the course of their cohabitation, Shane had begun to notice an endearing vulnerability in his partner whenever he was embarrassed.

Finding it incredibly charming, Shane could not help but devise a harmless plan to witness his boyfriend’s cute awkwardness more frequently.

Once every two or three weeks, for a few months, Shane would quietly wake up while his partner was still asleep.

He would then carefully throw water on his boyfriend’s underwear and even position himself such that the water would also soak onto him. Shane had a peculiar motive behind this act. 

He Made His BF Believe He’d Wet the Bed

He found it cute when his boyfriend, upon waking, would be flustered and apologetic, believing that he had wet the bed.

His boyfriend’s embarrassed attempts to rectify the situation, such as washing the sheets and making amends to Shane, was something that Shane found adorable, despite always reassuring his boyfriend that it was no big deal.

However, as weeks passed, Shane’s prank started to take a toll on his boyfriend’s self-esteem. His boyfriend began to worry that he was suffering from bladder issues and planned to consult a doctor.

This development led Shane to an impasse. He had to make a decision, one that held the potential to radically alter the dynamics of their relationship.

He Confessed and It All Backfired

Caught between his playful actions and the serious consequences they were now causing, Shane decided to reveal the truth about his late-night antics.

He hoped his confession would be a relief to his boyfriend, lifting the cloud of medical concerns he was under. Yet, the revelation did not have the intended effect.

Instead of relief, Shane’s boyfriend reacted with anger. He felt betrayed and hurt by the prank that Shane had pulled on him repeatedly over the months.

He found it difficult to accept that Shane had allowed him to live under the impression of having a health issue and dismissing it as not being a ‘big deal.’

It Caused a Rift Between Them

This strong emotional reaction caused a rift between the two, leading Shane’s boyfriend to move out and live with his parents temporarily.

He explained that the time and space apart were necessary for him to process the situation and decide on their future together.

Shane was left devastated. His attempt at inducing adorable embarrassment in his partner had backfired spectacularly.

What he considered a silly prank had put his relationship on the line. His boyfriend saw him as a ‘creep,’ making a mountain out of a molehill.

And the Damage Was Already Done

Shane had confessed before his boyfriend sought medical help, but the damage was already done. He loved his boyfriend dearly, and the thought of losing him over a prank was unbearable.

However, Shane defended himself, arguing that his actions, while misguided, were not malevolent. He had not inflicted any physical harm, and his prank, he believed, did not amount to torture.

When he noticed his boyfriend considering medical consultation, he had immediately confessed, hoping to prevent unnecessary worry.

His intentions might not have been to cause distress, but the reality was that his prank did upset his boyfriend deeply.

He Thought It Was Harmless Fun

So, was Shane’s prank just a harmless act that spiraled out of control, or was it a breach of trust that rightfully angered his boyfriend?

Redditors, however, were not forgiving of Shane. They voiced their shock and disgust, openly condemning Shane’s actions as abusive and gaslighting.

Many expressed the hope that the story was fake, as they found it hard to believe that someone could derive joy from causing another person’s humiliation and fear.

Some even urged Shane to seek professional help for his behavior, which they saw as an alarming sign of sociopathic tendencies.

The Prank Was a Gross Violation of Trust

Shane’s actions were a gross violation of trust, regardless of his belief that they were not harmful.

Shane’s enjoyment of his boyfriend’s embarrassment was cruel and twisted, and the impact of his prank was substantial for his boyfriend, even if Shane himself did not see it that way.

Love does not thrive on causing embarrassment and discomfort – if he truly cared for his boyfriend, he wouldn’t have put him through such an experience.

Hopefully Shane reflects on this incident and doesn’t put any future partners through such a cruel and unnecessary “prank.”

Do you believe that Shane’s prank was an innocent joke gone too far or a serious breach of trust?

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