He’s Suing His Mom Because She Stole His Child Support and Isolated Him from His Family

A German college student recently asked Reddit for opinions on his plan to sue his mother after he found out she’s been withholding child support payments from him. This is his full story.

His Mom Isolated Him from the Family

The OP has always been severely allergic to dogs, but his mother loves them. So, over the course of his childhood and teenage years, she got four dogs and brought them all into the house.

That decision pretty much confined him to his room and isolated him from the rest of his family. His allergic reactions were so severe that he couldn’t be around the dogs, and his mom refused to put them away.

Then, when he graduated from high school, the OP moved to college, but his mother wasn’t happy about it. She wanted  him to stay because she would miss his father’s child support payments.

The law says that once the OP moved out, she had to send those payments to him.

And She Was Retaining His Child Support

The relationship between OP and his mother became strained as a result. But eventually, they talked things out and OP thought things were okay.

Then, over the course of a few months, the OP found out that his mother wasn’t giving him the full child support payments. Instead, she was keeping €200 for herself each month.

When OP confronted his mother about this, she claimed that she was already paying enough. She also said OP needed to get his spending habits under control.

That really galled him since he’s been working since he was 16. And before he moved to college, his mother took part of his money for rent each month.

That Legally Belonged to Him!

But with a full load in college, OP didn’t have time to work a full-time job. And since both parents are well-off, he didn’t qualify for aid. So he needed every penny he could get.

The child support money legally belonged to OP, but his mother wasn’t budging.

So he decided to sue her for the amount that she had withheld over the months since he went to college and to make sure he got all of it going forward.

That’s when the mother’s husband got involved. He offered the OP €1,000 as compensation and asked him to drop the lawsuit, saying that they still had to pay off their house and support OP’s sisters.

So They Are Settling Through the Court System

He also said that the dogs needed food. That made OP start itching all over again, not to mention angrier than ever.

Needless to say, OP rejected the step-dad’s offer, and they’re settling the matter through the court system.

Through it all, OP has had trouble finding any support. Even his own father told him that he was being too harsh on his mother.

And even when his dad found out that the mom was pocketing some of his payments, he didn’t want to change anything. Instead, he told OP that the mother should remain in charge of the money.

His Mom Is Abusive and Manipulative

None of that really matters to OP, but he is worried about losing contact with his three younger sisters. He’s always been protective of them.

Not only that, but his oldest sister is trying to move out of the house, and she needs his emotional support. He knows his mother wants to cut off contact between them.

Redditors overwhelmingly supported OP, with many calling his mother’s behavior abusive and manipulative.

Some Redditors shared similar experiences with abusive parents and encouraged OP to prioritize his own well-being.

Emotional Fallout

Others pointed out that child support is meant to support the child, not the parent, and that OP is well within his rights to sue.

A few Redditors, though, suggested that OP try mediation with his mother before following through on legal action.

Many Redditors expressed concern for OP’s younger sisters and offered advice on how to maintain contact with them.

Some suggested that OP contact a therapist to deal with the emotional fallout from the situation.

So what do you think of this story? Does the OP have any good recourse besides suing his mother? Or do you think she has a right to hold onto some of the child support payments each month?

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