He’s Worried That His Sister Is Caught up in the Rapidly Growing Transgender Trend… What Do You Think?

In a time when personal identity and the freedom to express it are ever-increasingly recognized and accepted, Garrett finds himself struggling with an intricate situation. His younger sister now identifies as transgender. This is the story of Garrett’s struggle as he questioned the legitimacy of his sister’s transformation. Let’s take a look.

His Sister Is Identifying as Transgender

Garrett, a 25-year-old man, was grappling with a difficult situation. His sister, who was 21, had always been quite girly.

But in recent years, she had started identifying as transgender. This was a lot for Garrett to handle, especially because the change in her seemed to come out of nowhere.

When they were kids, his sister loved girly stuff. She played with dolls, always wore dresses, and showed a real knack for all things traditionally feminine.

Sure, she had some tomboy traits, too. But they didn’t stand out as anything major.

All of Her Friends Were Transgender

Then, around the age of 13, his sister’s friends started saying they were transgender. It seemed really early to Garrett. It wasn’t just one or two friends, either. It was practically all of them. 

Their mom was understandably worried at first. But as the years went by, this pattern continued. His sister didn’t really start dressing in a more boyish way until her junior year of high school.

And even then, it didn’t seem like a big change to Garrett. It felt more like she was a tomboy than anything else.

She Was Always Out To Fit In

Growing up, Garrett’s sister also liked to act like she was different from who she really was. For instance, she was really good at Spanish and liked to pretend her Hispanic friends thought she was Hispanic, too.

This really pleased her. As they got older, she started saying she didn’t like white people, even though she was white herself.

Garrett started to feel a gap growing between him and his sister as they got older. When they were younger, they used to make a lot of jokes together and were really close.

But as she found this new group of friends and started to change, he didn’t feel as close to her. 

They Started to Drift Apart

He didn’t talk to her as much, especially after she went off to college.

Since she started transitioning, she couldn’t hold down a job. She said it was because of transphobia. 

She also started taking antidepressants, which made her seem like a zombie to Garrett. Now she was even planning to move to Canada to be with an online friend who was also trans.

Garrett had argued about this a lot with his mom. His mom, of course, wanted to support her daughter. 

He Thought She Was Confused and Struggling With Peer Pressure

Garrett wasn’t against transgender people. But he thought his sister was just part of a confused and struggling younger generation.

He believed that mental health professionals were too quick to affirm people’s gender changes without question. He worried that his sister would get lost in this lifestyle or have a hard time trying to go back to who she used to be.

Garrett felt bad about feeling this way. But he also doubted that every one of her sister’s friends identifying as trans was really transgender. He wondered if he was wrong for feeling this way.

Redditors offered a nuanced point of view, with people on both sides of the debate offering an opinion.

“You Can Feel However You Want…”

One user said, “There is quite a bit of therapy that goes on before the transition can occur. It could be that your sibling subjected themselves to the norm when they were younger but found that it wasn’t who they were.” 

Another user commented, “You can feel however you want.. this doesn’t seem like a right or wrong scenario. She can do what she wants. You do what you want. You’re both grown.”

What do you think? Is Garrett wrong for his thoughts and feelings about his sister’s situation?

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