Hidden Agendas? Staten Island’s Sudden Male-Only Migrant Shelter Sparks Fear in All-Girls School

A former Catholic school on Staten Island was turned into a shelter for migrants without the community knowing. The residents of Staten Island protested to try and stop the new shelter from opening. Here’s the whole story. 

Biden “Won’t Enforce Federal Immigration Laws”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is making good on his promise to bus migrants from the southern border to “sanctuary cities” across the US because he says President Biden “won’t enforce federal immigration laws.”

As more asylum seekers arrive in New York City each day, the city faces the problem of where to house them.

On Staten Island, an old Catholic school is being turned into a shelter for migrants and the community is unhappy about it. When the school closed in 2018, the city bought the property.

Community members rallied together to protest outside the former St. John Villa Academy. They claim they are not “anti-immigrant,” just “concerned about the potential for crime.”

“In a Cloud of Secrecy”

Staten Island residents say the school was turned into a migrant shelter “in a cloud of secrecy.” They were “blindsided” by the new shelter which upset them even more.

The abandoned Catholic school sits between two elementary schools and one is an all-girls campus.

People who live nearby say the shelter is a “safety concern.” One report said the shelter currently houses “nearly two dozen” migrants with a 300-bed capacity.

The shelter is right in the middle of a middle-class, working-class neighborhood. Neighbors say that 90% of the migrants who get dropped off at this facility are young men.

All Male Migrants So Close to the All-Girls Elementary School

One neighbor said, “I’m tired of the media saying there’s women and children. There are no children in this facility.” The concern is with male migrants so close to the all-girls elementary school.

The same neighbor said he was sure the migrants were “wonderful” people who were just “looking for a better life,” but he was concerned that they haven’t been vetted for “crimes, rapes, murders, and diseases.”

Another resident expressed a health concern with housing the migrants. She wants to know why the migrants don’t have to get vaccinated like everyone else. She said the US is “letting everybody into the country,” but we don’t know anything about them.

The shelter on Staten Island has sparked outrage and protests from the community. During the protests, several people were arrested for civil disobedience.

“Criminals Terrorizing the City Get a Free Pass”

Critics on social media spoke out against the arrests. One Twitter user said, “criminals terrorizing the city get a free pass” while “speaking out against illegal immigrants” is seen as a crime.

The angry Staten Island residents showed up to protest the “illegal, unvetted, immigrant men” that they don’t want moving into their neighborhood.

A young lady named Sofia spoke out about the shelter in an interview posted on Twitter. Sofia attends school across the street from the shelter and said she didn’t want these “grown men” so close to where she spends her days.

Sofia called the shelter “disrespectful” to all the students at her school and the people living in the neighborhood.

“Step up and Take Ownership”

The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, criticized Governor Kathy Hochul has approach to the state’s migrant crisis.

Adams said Hochul is “wrong” for not forcing more of New York’s cities to take on some of the migrants housed in New York City.

Adams reminded Hochul that she is the “governor of the state of New York” and that includes New York City. Adams wants other cities to pitch in and respond to the migrant crisis.

Hochul blamed the state’s migrant crisis on the Biden administration demanding them to “step up and take ownership.” New York’s requests for financial resources from the federal government have not been addressed.

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