Hidden in France! She Desperately Shields Address From Parents After They Drove Her Sister to a Breakdown

A young woman whipped Redditors into a frenzy after she refused to give her parents her new address. If only her sister could have put that distance between her and their folks, life might have been different. Here is the whole story.

The Parents Expected ‘Big’ Things From the Two Sisters

OP is a 24-year-old woman with a 28-year-old sister. Big, big things were always expected from the older sibling.

When they were kids, OP’s parents noticed how smart their firstborn was and started grooming her for success.

OP’s parents pushed her sister to participate in everything from dance lessons to sports to music.

But academics were the primary concern, and OP’s parents had her sister’s path all planned out. She was going to Harvard for a pre-med undergraduate concentration and then to John Hopkins for medical school.

She Had No Time for Fun

Of course, that meant OP’s sister spent all the time she wasn’t dancing or playing sports, just studying. There was no time for friends or leisure, her parents said.

So OP’s sister worked hard and graduated high school just before she turned 16. She was excited for college, mostly because she could finally get away from her parents.

But they came along because she was a minor and her parents couldn’t stand to let her have her own life. They packed up OP, her sister, and their household and moved to Boston.

OP’s parents continued controlling their older daughter throughout college, and OP was just glad they focused on her sister instead of her.

They Both Graduated

Eventually, OP graduated from high school, and her sister graduated from college and moved on to med school as planned.

A couple of years later, OP moved to France, partly to ensure her parents couldn’t be on top of her like they were her sister.

Then, about a year after she left, OP’s sister suffered a drug-induced psychotic break and remains institutionalized years later.

Once it became clear that OP’s sister wouldn’t achieve all they had hoped for, her parents turned their attention to OP.

… And the Parents Were Still Controlling

OP’s parents started texting and calling, trying to offer “advice” that was more than a little controlling. But OP was a full-blown adult and told them to butt out.

But OP stays in touch with her parents because they are her sister’s legal guardians and have a say in who can see her and who can’t.

More recently, OP’s parents have asked her for her address in France. They want to see her and get to know her boyfriend.

But OP wants no part of seeing her parents in person and refuses to give them her address.

She Wants To Maintain Distance Between Them

OP’s mom is sad that her daughter won’t share her address. And several friends have told OP that she’s being unreasonable.

OP has seen her parents in action, though, and she doesn’t want to take any chances.

Reddit commenters think OP is doing the right thing by keeping a distance between herself and her parents.

Many say they missed out on their first retirement cash cow when their sister burned out, and now they’re just looking for their next payday.

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