High Maintenance Guests Had Their Hotel Stay Cut Short Due to Their Elicit Choice of Music and Involving Their Mother in Their Bratty Behavior

During a serene night shift, OP noticed a guest seated in the lobby, playing music filled with explicit content on her phone. OP ignored it until other passing guests started shooting disapproving glances.

Judgmental Looks Over Explicit Tunes

The explicit tunes continued to blare just as a prospective high-maintenance guest walked in. OP quickly checked her in amidst judgmental looks shot at the woman on the couch.

Once the check-in process was complete, OP approached the woman and asked her to silence her phone in the lobby. Surprisingly, she complied without a fuss.

On the next night, the same woman returned, this time with company. Recognizing OP, they seemed prepared for what looked like a brewing standoff.

The man started playing an explicit song, compelling OP to swiftly intervene. He tried to argue, but OP held firm, insisting that the music had to be turned off.

She Threatened Security and Sent Them to Their Rooms

Switching their approach, the pair began to quietly insult OP under the guise of a private conversation. The woman even called her mother at one point to complain about her perceived mistreatment.

The situation escalated when the woman hypocritically reprimanded another guest for being loud on his phone. At this, OP firmly directed the duo to their rooms, even bluffing about calling security for added impact.

The following day, the General Manager (GM) asked OP about the incident. After hearing OP’s account, he advised involving the police if the situation worsened.

On the third evening, the woman brought another lady, apparently aiming to provoke a homophobic response from OP.

We’ll Escort Your Mother off the Premises Too!

They whispered while browsing hotel brochures. When the man arrived, their conversation grew loud and pointed.

Having had enough, OP warned them of impending security involvement unless they returned to their rooms.

The woman threatened to involve her mother, to which OP responded that her mother could be escorted off the property too.

The next day, the GM informed OP that the woman’s mother had shown up, and he had consequently cut their reservation short. With the GM’s backing, OP’s saga of unnecessary disturbances came to an end.

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