His Antiquated Family Insist That the Women Cook and if They Don’t, Oh Boy, Will There Be Trouble

In a viral Reddit post that got more than twenty-seven thousand upvotes, a user found himself grappling with the predicament of holding a sexist tradition. Here’s the full story.

The Women Are Chained to the Sink!

The Original Poster (OP) and his girlfriend have been dating for a while.

OP’s extended family is quite close-knit and every few months, they gather for large family feasts at the estate of his great-grandfather.

Normally, the men don’t go to the kitchen during their visit while the women do all the cooking as it is tradition.

OP shares that he is very aware that this is blatantly sexist. Plus, OP is the youngest member of the family, so his protests are essentially meaningless.

If One Refuses To Cook, She’ll Be Met With Hostility

OP shares that some of the women in his family opted not to cook, and this typically results in some sort of rejection.

So when a new woman like a newly married wife or a girlfriend doesn’t cook, she is faced with rejection, silence, and rudeness from other family members.

The story began when OP and his girlfriend were invited to attend this dinner, which is scheduled for two weeks from today.

She initially replied “Yes,” which made OP very happy.

He Wants His Family To Get To Know His GF

He says that he wants her to get to know everyone and become accustomed to being around them, but when OP explained the cooking custom to her, she was understandably upset.

OP told her that while he could see her tradition doesn’t have these types of things, it would be better if she just went along with it.

He assured her that he wasn’t asking her to do this permanently and that he was only requesting it so she could avoid receiving unfavorable treatment from the rest of the family.

OP doesn’t believe it’s ideal if they create a stir since this is her first impression.

But She Had to Comply With the Antiquated Traditions

But she told OP that she would not be going if she had to do that since it is unacceptable. She won’t budge, and she’s angry with OP, despite his attempts to reach an understanding with her on this.

She told him that he is just as terrible as everyone else if he believes it’s acceptable to have her do this. But OP argues that she needs to do it to create a good first impression.

OP took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for what he asked and thousands of comments poured in saying that OP was an idiot.

One Reddit user wrote, “YTA. This is how all sexism starts and continues – “just go along. It will be so much easier (for us) and we’ll make your life hell if you don’t.””

“Why Don’t You Start Creating a New Tradition Where You/Other Men Cook Too?”

Another Redditor pointed out OP is wrong as he is mainly concerned with his girlfriend making a good first impression, but not at all concerned with his family making a good first impression.

A third Reddit user wrote, “YTA for trying to make her do something she doesn’t want to do. Why don’t you start creating a new tradition where you/other men cook too? You being the youngest don’t mean you have to be complacent. Maybe the woman wants to cook, but your partner doesn’t have to. if the family doesn’t accept her, don’t go to the dinners.”

So what do you think? Would you uphold such a sexist tradition?

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