His Boss Was Vile and Shouted at Him for Asking Questions on His First Day, so He Decided to Take Some Revenge

Small acts of petty revenge often are the key to saving what would otherwise have been a terrible day. That’s the case in this person’s story, as they detail how they followed their rude boss’s orders to the absolute extreme and caused them some trouble in the meantime!

Working in a Café

Meet the OP (original poster), a young man working one of his first jobs in a little café, trying to make ends meet. On his first day, he got left in charge of the café with only one experienced staff member, who then called in sick. 

The boss had to come in and cover until S, the other staff member, could arrive early.

The boss decided to use the time to do some paperwork out the back and told the OP, “I’ll be in here if you have any questions.”

Being brand new to the job, the OP had a lot of questions about how to void an incorrect transaction, where to find more special paper for the credit card machine, and what to do when the coffee grinder stopped working. 

I’m Busy!

The boss quickly got annoyed and shouted, “I’m busy! Don’t bother me unless it’s an emergency! Let me know when S is here.”

After a while, S finally arrived, and the boss handed her the reins to the coffee area while assigning the OP to restocking, clearing tables, and emptying the bins.

As the OP was doing his rounds, he noticed the boss’s old car in the staff parking area with the headlights still on. 

Knowing that his boss had explicitly said not to bother him unless it was an emergency, he went to his boss’s office to report the issue.

Go Away

However, when he did, the boss shouted at him, “IS IT AN EMERGENCY!?” OP replied, “Not to me,” to which the boss retorted, “THEN GO AWAY!”

Unsure of what to do, the OP decided to tell S instead. However, he quickly changed his mind. He said, “Boss doesn’t want to be disturbed unless it’s an emergency. So I’m supposed to ask you if I have more questions.” 

S and the OP worked together pleasantly for the rest of the shift until it was time to go home.

As the OP gathered his things, the boss ran by him, knocking into him a bit and apologizing without even bothering to check if he was okay. As he slowed down to see what was going on, he could hear his boss swearing.

In Trouble

Suddenly, the boss remembered that OP had seen the car headlights on and called out to him, “OP!”

OP knew he was in trouble, but the boss needed his help. “Can you bring your car in and give me a jump start? My battery is flat.”

Only a few cars could fit in the staff parking area, so only senior staff and management were allowed to park there.

However, OP had walked to work that day and lived ten minutes up the hill. He raced out of the café before the boss could blame him for anything.

What Happened?

On his next shift with S, the OP asked her what happened to the boss’s car. She revealed that the boss had left the headlights on, causing the battery to go flat.

The boss then tried to jump-start it with S’s car, but it didn’t work. In the end, the boss had to call a taxi.

Then she said something that made the OP smile, “Funny that neither of us noticed the lights were on when we walked by it…”

It was then that the OP realized that S must have seen the headlights when she arrived! “I can only imagine why she didn’t say anything either!”


The OP felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that his boss had to suffer the consequences of not listening to him.  He felt like he got his revenge on the boss who treated him rudely earlier that day. 

He enjoyed the fact that the boss had to pay for his mistake, and although it was a small act of revenge, he felt empowered knowing that he had taken matters into his own hands and gotten back at his boss for not listening to him.

OP’s passive-aggressive approach may have been petty, but it was also a form of malicious compliance.

He Did Exactly What He Was Told

He did exactly as the boss had instructed him to do, which resulted in the boss’s misfortune. Sometimes, the best revenge is to sit back and let karma do its work.

Redditors enjoyed this guy’s story. One user said, “I like S. Good work passing on the message of “don’t bother unless there is an emergency.” Now you both had the perfect reason not to “bother” him about the headlights.”

What do you think about this guy’s revenge? Was it uncalled for, or did the boss get what he deserved?

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