His Bullying Family Tries To Force-Feed Him Pig’s Blood, Defying His Church of Christ Beliefs in a Shocking Culinary Confrontation!

In a recent Reddit post, OP recounted a tense encounter at a family reunion where his religious convictions collided with cultural practices, leading to a heated confrontation. Here’s what happened.

He Follows a Strict Religion… And That Includes Food

OP hails from the Philippines and follows the Church of Christ (INC) faith, which prohibits the consumption of animal blood.

This prohibition starkly contrasts certain culinary delights, such as the popular Filipino street food “Dinuguan,” which contains pig’s blood.

The story began with the family gathering, as relatives on OP’s mother’s side – predominantly Catholic – brought in the dish.

Amidst the jovial atmosphere, one of OP’s cousins playfully encouraged him to try “Dinuguan,” saying, “You should give this a try, it’s really tasty.”

“She’s Right, You Should Try It, It’s Really Tasty and No One Will Know”

Despite multiple attempts by his cousin, aunt, and uncle to persuade OP to try the dish, he staunchly refused, citing his religious convictions.

The aunt and uncle said things like, “She’s right, you should try it, it’s really tasty and no one will know.”

Tensions escalated when OP’s aunt and uncle placed a portion of “Dinuguan” onto his plate without consent.

Feeling frustrated by the attempts to compromise his religious beliefs, OP reached a boiling point.

His Parents Were Furious!

As a result, OP shouted, expressing his refusal.

The outburst caught the attention of other relatives, prompting OP’s parents to intervene and inquire about what happened.

Upon explaining the situation to his parents, OP faced mixed reactions.

OP’s parents looked furious, while his aunt and uncle said “It was a joke! She’s taking it too seriously.”

Was He Wrong To Refuse the Food?

Some of his relatives defended him and some said he was overreacting.

After that, he and his parents went home.

He took to Reddit to ask whether he was wrong for what he did and several Redditors sided with him saying he was not in the wrong.

“Nobody Should Be Made To Eat Anything They Don’t Want To. Religion or Not. Your Frustration Is Valid.”

One Reddit user wrote, “Nobody should be made to eat anything they don’t want to. Religion or not. Your frustration is valid.”

Another Redditor commented, “NTA. Your relatives were persistent and didn’t respect boundaries. Very annoying people and by the way they weren’t joking.”

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