His Dad Came up with a Mischievous Way to Get Back at a Rude Security Guard

Join us as we dive into a hilarious tale of Bart’s dad, who takes on the role of a food delivery rider in his spare time. Discover how a simple request from a security guard leads to an ingenious act of malicious compliance that leaves everyone at the Marriott hotel astounded. 

His Dad Loved Being a Delivery Driver

Bart’s dad, Homer, had found a unique way to spend his leisure time – working as a food delivery rider. He enjoyed the sense of community among fellow riders, zipping around town on his trusty motorcycle.

Equipped with a helmet and jacket decorated with the company’s logo, Homer embraced his role in satisfying customers’ hunger pangs.

As their town was a popular tourist destination, hotel deliveries were a common occurrence.

Bart’s dad often found himself shuttling meals to various hotels, navigating through the bustling streets, and dealing with the notorious traffic.

A Stern Security Guard

But one particular day, a memorable incident unfolded during a delivery to the renowned Marriott hotel.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Homer was approached by the security guard stationed at the entrance.

With a stern expression, the guard instructed him to leave his delivery jacket behind before entering the lobby to wait for the guest. Homer raised an eyebrow, surveying the cracked and uneven motorcycle parking area.

He voiced his concerns about the jacket’s safety if left unattended, but the security guard dismissively insisted that he leave it at the concierge instead.

And a Condescending Attitude

Feeling both annoyed and perplexed by the security guard’s response, Homer complied, albeit grudgingly. He couldn’t help but wonder if the guard’s condescending attitude was a recurring issue faced by other riders.

Curiosity piqued, he struck up conversations with fellow riders, discovering a shared experience of the security guard’s haughty behavior.

Inspired by a mischievous idea, Homer devised a plan to teach the security guard a lesson. Armed with determination and a touch of cunning, he seized the perfect opportunity during his next delivery to the Marriott.

Checking the time and noting the guard’s day shift, Homer prepared himself for the act of malicious compliance.

He Wore Nothing but His Birthday Suit!

With a mischievous grin, Homer removed his shirt, tucking it away in the storage compartment under his bike’s seat. Underneath his jacket, he wore nothing but his birthday suit, ready to make a memorable statement.

As he confidently strode towards the hotel lobby, he caught the security guard’s gaze, a smug expression adorning the guard’s face.

Making his way past the reception desk, Homer sauntered towards the concierge area, where the guard sat.

With deliberate nonchalance, he removed his jacket and casually settled onto one of the lobby’s plush couches, exposing his bare chest to the world.

Half Screaming with Shock and Confusion

The receptionist, taken aback by this unexpected sight, rushed over, her voice tinged with a mix of shock and confusion.

Receptionist: (Half screaming while rushing towards Homer) “What are you doing?!”

Homer: “I’m waiting for the customer, Boss.”

Receptionist: “Bare chested? Where’s your shirt?”

That Security Guy, Told Me So

Homer: “It’s a hot day, Boss. I ride around town with only my jacket on. No delivery jacket is allowed in the lobby, right? Your colleague, that security guy, told me so.”

Receptionist: “J-just leave the food with me, and please put your jacket back on. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, the security guard, witnessing the unexpected turn of events, stood frozen, his jaw practically hitting the floor.

He had underestimated Homer’s cleverness and lack of shame. The lesson had been learned, albeit at the cost of his own embarrassment.

And He Was Humiliated at the Prank

From that day forward, whenever Homer received an order from the Marriott hotel, the security guard opted to spare himself further humiliation.

Instead of insisting on jacket removal, he simply directed Homer to leave the food with him.

Bart couldn’t help but laugh at his dad’s cunning way of dealing with the security guard’s condescending attitude.

It was a reminder that sometimes, a dash of mischief and an ounce of compliance could create unforgettable and amusing outcomes.

Stand Up Against Unfair Treatment

The moral of the story is that standing up against unfair treatment and pushing back against arrogance can lead to positive outcomes.

Homer refused to accept the security guard’s disrespectful behavior, finding a clever way to expose the hypocrisy and create a change in his attitude.

This story teaches us that while compliance is often expected in various situations, there are times when a touch of mischief can serve as a powerful tool for justice.

It encourages us to question unfair rules and norms, using our creativity and imagination to bring about positive transformations.

What would you have done if you were in Homer’s shoes? How would you have handled the security guard’s condescending attitude?

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