His Dad Cries Because He Chose His Sister’s Birthday over His Wedding

A young man recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions when he was forced to choose between celebrating his sister’s birthday or attending his father’s wedding. This is his full story.

A Sister from Another Mother

OP is a 27-year-old man with a 20-year-old half sister. They share the same father but have different mothers. The two siblings live in different states.

OP’s younger sister has always been overlooked and excluded by their father, who never wanted a daughter and has a strained relationship with the girl’s mother.

Despite their father’s neglect, OP has maintained a close relationship with his sister, always trying to include her and make her feel valued.

Even so, his sister often feels jealous of the attention and favoritism their father shows towards OP.

He Wanted to Celebrate Her Birthday

With his sister’s 21st birthday approaching, OP made plans to fly in to celebrate and take her out for her first drink, a milestone they had been eagerly anticipating.

Meanwhile, OP’s 56-year-old father had been dating his 57-year-old fiancé for a while, and the family knew they were planning to get married fairly soon.

But then one day out of the blue, the dad called OP and said they’d moved his wedding up.

OP’s dad and his fiancé were now going to get married in a month, with the ceremony falling exactly on the sister’s birthday.

He Wouldn’t Attend His Dad’s Wedding

OP told his dad that he already had plans to celebrate his sister’s 21st birthday that day, so he wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding.

But this father brushed off the significance of the date since the sister wouldn’t be celebrating her birthday with the family anyway.

That hurt OP and he remembered all the times his father had cut his sister out of family plans in the past. So OP again replied that he was going to celebrate his sister’s birthday rather than go to dad’s wedding.

In response, the father suggested that OP bring his sister along to the wedding so the two of them could still celebrate her birthday together.

Was His Wedding More Important?

OP’s dad went on to say that his wedding was more important because people have birthdays every year. This would be the only time he and his wife got married.

Then OP dropped a bombshell on his dad by reminding him that this would be his third marriage. So maybe the old man’s weddings weren’t all that special, after all, OP said.

That pretty much ended the conversation, and OP could see that he dad was hurt and angry.

OP’s father hasn’t spoken to him since their disagreement, choosing to maintain a silent stance rather than address the underlying issues.

He’s Ruined the Wedding!

His fiancé and other family members have been contacting OP, though, saying he ruined the wedding.

His future mother-in-law even told OP that his dad has been crying and can’t get over his son’s hurtful words.

OP admits that he lashed out and might have been a little harsh, but he stands by what he said.

He also thinks that his dad could make things a lot better by specifically inviting his sister to the wedding and acknowledging her birthday.

A Family in Turmoil

Still, OP is not happy that the family is in turmoil, and he wonders if he’s doing the right thing.

Most Reddit commenters think OP is completely in the right for supporting his sister and for pushing back hard when his dad tried to pressure him.

Many think OP’s dad picked the sister’s birthday on purpose just to hurt her more than he already has during her lifetime.

Several advise OP to just stick to his guns and go spend the day with his sister like he had already planned.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP justified for calling out his dad on his serial marriages? Or should he have found a more tactful way to get his point across?

And do you think OP should stick to his plans and spend the day with his sister? Or should he find a way to get them both to the wedding?

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