His Girlfriend Belittles Him Because She’s Good at Everything and He’s Not Screwing Around!

A frustrated young man stirred up mixed emotions on Reddit when he revealed that he lashed out at his girlfriend for being good at everything. The backstory has readers divided on who is the villain in this case. Here are all the details.

His Girlfriend Is Immensely Smart

OP has been dating his girlfriend for about a year, and one of the reasons he loves her is because she’s so smart.

According to OP, his girlfriend barely graduated from high school because she was bored. Then she took a gap year before she decided to go to college.

And it wasn’t underwater basket weaving that OP’s girlfriend decided to major in. No, she went to engineering school.

Even coming to college late after a less than stellar high school career, OP’s girlfriend nailed it. She earned high honors every semester.

She Can Master Anything in an Instant

And OP says that’s pretty much the way it is for every aspect of his girlfriend’s life. She doesn’t pay attention to much, but when she decides to do something, she can master it almost instantly.

While OP is impressed and amazed at how smart and talented his girlfriend is, it also makes him self-conscious.

He doesn’t learn nearly as fast as she does, and that often leaves her feeling frustrated because she has to hang back for him.

One early incident may have been a warning sign. The two of them decided to learn how to skate, and OP just wasn’t getting it.

“You Are Doing It WRONG!”

Before long, his girlfriend was skating circles around him and making him feel bad for falling behind.

It all came to a head recently when OP and his girlfriend decided to take up rock climbing. To get ready, they took a class on belaying so they could learn how to safely tie and use various kinds of knots in their climbing.

As usual, OP’s girlfriend picked up on the techniques the instructor was teaching right away.

But when OP was a little slower on the uptake, she kept telling him he was doing it wrong even though the instructor was trying to help him.

She Embarrassed Him Endlessly

After jumping all over him a few times like that, OP’s girlfriend got completely frustrated and grabbed and redid his knots herself.

Then she told OP that he had better start paying attention because she would be trusting him with her safety when they were climbing for real. That embarrassed OP and hurt his feelings, but he kept quiet.

When they got home, though, OP told his girlfriend that he was frustrated that everything came easy for her. And that she needed to have a little patience for the mere mortals in her life, like him.

To that, OP’s girlfriend just repeated that she needed him to “get it” because she would be depending on him for her safety when they were climbing. She also said she was angry because he spent the class just screwing around.

Despite him Doing the Best He Could

OP didn’t think he had been screwing around at all and was trying the best he could. Now both of them are frustrated, and OP feels wounded.

OP feels like his girlfriend looks down on him and wonders what the future holds for the couple.

Reddit commenters are pretty divided in their opinions of this story.

“It’s Super Frustrating When Other People Are Running Circles Around You”

A lot of them sympathize with OP and have been in similar situations. They say it’s super frustrating when you’re trying as hard as you can but other people are running circles around you.

Others think OP is just jealous of his amazing girlfriend and is trying to blame her for his own shortcomings.

Still others think that OP and his girlfriend need to work harder to really understand each other. Maybe if he can show her how hard he’s trying, she’ll lighten up a bit.

So, what do you think of this story?

Is OP just jealous because he can’t keep up with his girlfriend?

Or is she blind to the fact that not everyone can learn to do things instantly like she can?

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