His Interview Exit Technique Explodes on Reddit, the Young Pro’s Salary Standoff Sparks Unexpected Backlash, and Guess Who Else Weighed In on LinkedIn?

A young professional stirred outrage among Redditors when he said he walked out of an interview because the interviewer refused to discuss his salary. You won’t believe who else was outraged! Here is the full story.

He Was Looking for Another Job

OP graduated from college about a year ago with a degree in computer science. Since then, he’s been working for a company on a contract.

With his deal about to run out, OP realizes he does not want to continue a career with his current employer, so he’s been looking for another job.

As many young jobseekers discover, the process has been challenging.

The problem for OP is not in finding suitable opportunities or generating interest among potential employers. Instead, getting any salary information out of them has been like pulling teeth.

He Was Wasting His Time

So far, OP has been on about a dozen interviews, and he’s walked out of four of them when the company refused to talk about salary.

At first, OP went along with the process because he didn’t have much experience looking for a job.

He’d listen as employers would tell him that their company was like a “family” and that salary wasn’t the most crucial thing in the world.

But it didn’t take long for OP to realize how much time he was wasting, so he devised his own criteria.

He Walks if He’s Not Told the Salary in 15 Minutes!

If an interviewer doesn’t bring up salary within the first 15 minutes of their meeting, OP asks about it himself.

Then, if the company rep can’t or won’t give him a firm number or at least a range, OP walks.

When OP pins them down like that, most of his interviewers will get into specifics rather than evade his question completely.

No one really seemed to have a problem with him pushing for details until recently.

Interviewers Only Discuss Company Culture

That’s when OP met up with a local startup representative after a recruiter contacted him about the opportunity.

The meeting went like many others, with the interviewer talking about company culture and what they were looking for in this hire.

Since the interviewer didn’t mention salary, though, OP asked him directly. The interviewer told him it was bad manners to ask about money so early in the hiring process.

OP smiled and said that he disagreed, but the interviewer pushed back. He said they were a startup and offered great potential and benefits beyond just money.

He Was Attacked by a Recruiter

Seeing he was getting nowhere, OP stood up, thanked the other man for his time, and left.

It didn’t take too long before the recruiter hounded OP again, except this time, it was an attack.

The recruiter wanted to know who OP thought he was and what he thought he was doing when he walked out of the interview like that.

The recruiter went on to tell OP that his interviewer had been the owner of the startup, not just some employee.

And Complained About Him on LinkedIn

OP wondered why the recruiter never shared that information before he sat down for the interview.

After he finished laying into OP on the phone, the recruiter posted on LinkedIn, complaining about the situation without naming OP.

Reading through the comments on that LinkedIn post, OP could see that opinions were all over the place.

Some people thought he was right to push for salary information, but some agreed with the employer that he should have waited.

He Still Doesn’t Want To Waste His Time

OP thinks he might have handled the situation differently if he’d known he was talking to the startup’s owner.

But he’s unsure because he still doesn’t want to waste his time dancing around vague salary discussions.

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