His Lazy Wife Leaves Him Hungry – Can’t She Even Spare Him a Slice?”

A worn-out young husband turned to Reddit for opinions after he asked his wife to make dinner for him. Even a little cold pizza could have helped avoid the unfolding ugly scene. Here is the whole story.

All Loved-up

OP is a 25-year-old man who is married to a 26-year-old woman. The couple have been together for four years, and their relationship has been full of love and good feelings.

Recently, though, OP and his wife got their first apartment, which seemed to mark a turning point in their marriage.

OP works long days and sometimes goes weeks without a day off. Overall, he works 75 to 80 hours in a typical week.

OP’s wife works a job that requires her to be on the clock three or four days a week for six or seven hours at a time.

He Works Crazily Long Hours, She Doesn’t

Due to the difference in working hours, OP brings home about 80% of the couple’s income. He’s perfectly fine with that, too, as his wife is working on advancing in her career.

It’s even fun because, while OP’s money goes to pay their core bills, his wife buys the “fun” stuff. He can always count on her for snacks and tipping, for example.

And OP’s wife also does most of the chores around the house, though he pitches in when he’s at home, too.

OP’s work schedule has recently been even more intense than usual, with 13-hour days becoming the norm. And he works late, usually not getting home until well after midnight.

… And He’s Exhausted

His wife is usually asleep when OP gets home. Hence, his standard routine includes making himself something to eat before hitting the hay.

But all of the extra hours have been weighing on OP, and he’s exhausted. He would like just to come home and eat without putting in even more work to fix a meal.

OP thought he hit the jackpot one recent night when he came home to find his wife passed out on the couch with an empty personal pan pizza box next to her. He thought for sure she left a pizza for him in the fridge.

But nothing was waiting for him, so OP had to make his food before he went to bed.

Nothing Is Ever in the Fridge…

The next night, OP came home in the wee hours again, and this time, his wife was asleep on the couch with a bowl of macaroni and weenies next to her. It’s one of his favorite dishes.

Again, thinking she must have left some vittles for him in the fridge, OP was disappointed to find empty shelves.

Frustrated, OP woke his wife up and asked her why she didn’t save any food for him. Right away, she was livid with her husband and told him it wasn’t her job to cook and clean for him.

OP’s wife went on to say that if he wanted a maid as a wife, he should have married someone else.

Would It Be Too Much Trouble To Cook for Him Too?

The outburst caught OP by surprise, and he tried to explain that he thought it wouldn’t be much extra trouble to make food for him when she was already cooking for herself.

But OP’s wife was having none of it and stomped out the door into the night. A little while later, her mother texted OP to let him know that his wife was at her house, crying her eyes out.

OP can’t believe it all went so far south so fast when he only wanted a little food after yet another long day at work.

Most Reddit commenters support OP. They agree with his point that since his wife was making food for herself anyway, she should have made some for him, too.

“It’s Ironic That She’s Upset”

Some Redditors even turn the tables on OP’s wife. They think it’s ironic that she’s upset about being asked to do more when OP works three times as many hours.

In the end, most think OP and his wife need to set clearer expectations for each other moving forward.

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