His Made a Mistake When Donating to a Community Charity, but It Changed His Life Forever

This story is about an unintentional act of generosity by a man named Michael, which led to an unexpected but rewarding experience that reverberated far beyond his San Francisco apartment building and reached a struggling community in Bangladesh.

Charity Starts [Close] at Home

In February, Michael and his wife, also aged 31, settled into their new home.

One of their neighbors was Joe, a retired veteran in his seventies, a white American, a devout Hindu priest, and quite remarkably, a conduit to a small community in Bangladesh!

Joe was the manager of a charity aiding this community, a cause Michael felt compelled to support. So, when Joe mentioned a GoFundMe page to raise funds for this charity, Michael didn’t hesitate to request the link.

The very next day, sitting in his office, Michael navigated to the GoFundMe page and promptly entered what he believed to be a generous but reasonable sum of $150.

He Got His Numbers Muddled Up!

Unbeknownst to him, he had set a completely different series of events into motion!

A text message soon jolted him with news of an ‘unusually large transaction’ on his credit card – an astonishing $15,041 donated to the GoFundMe page. A wave of shock washed over him. How could this be?

He frantically retraced his steps, realizing a simple yet consequential mistake: while his cursor lingered on the donation box, he had unwittingly begun to type his credit card details.

Thus, his intended donation of $150 swelled to $15,041 with the addition of the first two digits of his credit card.

And He Got into a Panic

In a state of panic, Michael reached out to GoFundMe’s support team, hoping for a swift resolution. The representative told him there was “no need to worry” and that a refund would be with him within a week. 

Relief washed over him until he asked whether the charity would be able to see the huge donation on the GoFundMe page. “What do you mean?” the agent asked.

Michael was struck dumb, “What do YOU mean what do I mean?” was his response. “Will they be able to see the $15,041 donation?!”

The terrible answer? Yes! It was visible to everyone until the refund process was complete. Anxious thoughts flooded his mind, given that his mistaken donation amounted to almost double the fund’s existing total!

They All Thanked Him Profusely

Michael’s intention was to quickly explain the situation to Joe. However, the following morning greeted him with over 40 new notifications from a stranger on Facebook.

They had sent him a friend request, liked many of his old posts, and sent him A LOT of messages.

Michael was concerned when he saw the man was from Bangladesh, but he could never have imagined what he would see when he opened the message.

The stranger had sent Michael videos of himself from Bangladesh, surrounded by dozens of impoverished and hungry people, thanking him BY NAME for his generous donation!

He Was Equally Overwhelmed and Freaking Out

Michael was overwhelmed. He jumped out of bed and was pacing and sweating – he was freaking out but also incredibly empathetic for their plight.

He was caught between wanting to scream at the absurdity and laughing at the situation.

Despite the bizarre circumstances, the sight of hundreds of pictures of frail, elderly, disabled, and malnourished individuals holding signs thanking him deeply moved him. 

He couldn’t live with himself if he had just donated $150 after witnessing the profound impact his accidental $15,041 had on the community.

So Touched He Increased His Intended Donation

Once they had refunded the original donation, Michael decided to increase his contribution by adding a zero to his initial intended amount, making a total of $1,500. 

The host of the charity was incredibly gracious and understanding of the mistake.

After Michael’s $1500 donation, he was overwhelmed with gratitude, explaining how this amount would go a long way and could make a significant difference in providing urgent food relief in Bangladesh.

“Man, this got me good”

Although the circumstances were far from ordinary, Michael concluded the entire episode on a positive note. Not only did he manage to aid a worthy cause significantly, but he also wound up with a humorous story to share!

Redditors loved Michael’s story.

One user said, “Best post on here in AGES. Thank you for the great story and for helping out those folks. $1,500 is still very generous. Man, this got me good. I hope you didn’t get behind on bills or anything after this mix-up.”

Have you ever experienced a small mistake or accident that turned out to have surprisingly positive consequences? 

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