His Method of Saving on Energy Bills Came Back to Haunt Him in a Very Smelly Way

Looking for a way to start your day with a laugh? You’re in luck! Have you ever tried to be a responsible adult, only to end up making a mess of things? Well, Jim certainly has, and his latest mishap will leave you laughing and cringing at the same time.

He Was Overly Energy-Conscious

Jim had always prided himself on being a responsible and energy-conscious adult.

So when he and his girlfriend decided to take a two-week trip to their overseas home country, he made sure to take all the necessary precautions to reduce their bills and ensure their home’s safety.

On the morning of their departure, Jim went around their flat, turning off all the electrical outlets, regardless of whether they were in use or not.

He had read somewhere that small currents from chargers (plugged in but not actively charging) actually used electricity, so he didn’t want them adding up unnecessarily.

They Were Going on Holiday

The only outlet he left on was for the fridge/freezer, which held all of their food.

He didn’t want their food to spoil, and he knew they had meal prep to come back to, so they wouldn’t have to worry about cooking the day they returned.

Jim didn’t stop there, though. The last time he and his girlfriend went abroad for a month, he hadn’t turned off all the switches on the fuse box.

When they came back, they were shocked to find their bills had skyrocketed, showing a 4x higher usage than when they were living in the flat.

It Was Enough to Make Them Gag

They tried to get this checked out for possible errors with their providers, but nothing came of it. So, for extra measure, this time, he flipped all the switches on the fuse box and took pictures of their meter values.

What Jim hadn’t realized was that by turning off all the switches on the fuse box, the fridge/freezer was now off as well! It was an amateur move, and it was one that he would come to regret.

When Jim and his girlfriend returned home yesterday afternoon, a vile smell hit them as soon as they walked into the kitchen. It was enough to make them gag.

Not only that, but they found that frozen blueberries and raspberries had melted, leaked from the freezer, and left streaks of moldy fruit sludge and stains all over the wooden kitchen floor.

Releasing Odorous Gases

A whole chicken that they had frozen had gone rotten, releasing gases that made the packaging bulge to the point of it being a biological weapon should it explode.

Everything was rank, wet, sludgy, and mushy. They had to throw absolutely everything away.

Jim knew that he had messed up big time. He had failed to consider that turning off the power to the fridge/freezer would cause all of their food to spoil.

He felt like such an idiot. His girlfriend was devastated. She had spent so much time and money on the food, and now it was all wasted. Jim felt terrible. He knew he had let her down, and he couldn’t stop apologizing.

Determined to Get Rid of the Smell

To make matters worse, they had to spend the next two hours cleaning up the mess. Jim was on his hands and knees, scrubbing the wooden floor while his girlfriend went out to buy stronger cleaning agents.

When she came back, she had a wide range of various products, determined to get rid of the smell.

Despite their best efforts, the stench of rancid stroganoff, rotten chicken, and fermented fruit juice seemed to linger.

The freezer still smelled awful after hours of scrubbing. Jim felt defeated. He had tried to be responsible, but he had failed miserably. At least he could look back on it and laugh, although it may take a few weeks!

Considering the Consequences

Being a responsible adult isn’t just about saving money and taking precautions. It’s also about being mindful of the consequences of your actions.

Jim realized that he should have taken the time to think through his decision to turn off the power to the fridge/freezer.

He should have considered what might happen if all their food spoiled. It was a mistake that he would never make again!

Redditors were quick to offer their advice and witty commiserations.

It’s Extremely Suspicious

One user said, “You don’t need a professional to turn off the breakers. They are literally just switches. That’s what they were designed for. Absolutely no reason to hire someone to do that.

That being said, if you’re turning EVERYTHING off, just flip the main breaker instead of flipping all the little ones. You really don’t need to do any of that to go on vacation.

Your bill should not be higher while you are away. That’s extremely suspicious. Did your friends or landlord know you were away?

It sounds like somebody was helping themselves to free electricity (and who knows what else) while you were away. I would definitely install some cameras before you go anywhere again.”

Have you ever made a massive error like this? How did it go down?

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