His Micro-Managing Colleague Got a Taste of His Own Medicine

Nothing is more frustrating than coworkers who think they know better than you, despite them being wrong! That’s why this man’s story about malicious compliance is so good – he managed to embarrass his entitled colleague and earn himself newfound respect at work!

He Worked With Struggling Adults

Working at a group home for struggling young adults had its moments, but for the most part, it was a dull and uneventful job.

The original poster (OP) had been working overnights for months, and the routine was monotonous at best.

One of the regular tasks was taking out the garbage, but little did he know that this seemingly simple chore would spark a fiery desire for revenge.

The city had a strict policy of only collecting two bags of garbage per house.

He Thought He’d Help With the Garbage

However, the group home where he worked was a large semi-detached house with the walls in the middle taken down, so it was essentially one big house.

Thinking he was doing his job diligently, the OP took out four bags of garbage to the curb, only to be met with a barrage of anger from his coworker, B, who was due to relieve him in the morning.

B was known for his perpetual tardiness and a generally rude attitude. He lost his temper, yelling at the OP for not taking out all the garbage from the overflowing bin at the side of the house.

The program was severely underfunded, and the manager only bought extra garbage tags or did a dump run once a month. 

His Colleague Blamed Him for Overflowing Bins

B blamed the OP for the overflowing bin and demanded that he put out as many garbage bags as possible the following week.

He had been doing his job and taking out the garbage as he was supposed to, yet he was getting the blame for things that weren’t his fault.

Clearly, B didn’t care about the well-being of the young adults in the home or the fact that the program didn’t have enough funding. He just wanted to take his frustrations out on someone.

Immediately, the OP knew what he had to do. He couldn’t let B get away with his rude behavior and blatant disrespect. Luckily, B had set the stage for the perfect revenge.

He Retaliated the Rubbish Way

The next week, on garbage day, the OP took out all 37 garbage bags from the overflowing bin and neatly arranged them on the front lawn for pickup.

He waited eagerly for the waste removal truck to arrive, and when it did, the driver looked concerned as he informed the OP that he could only take four bags. “No problem,” the OP replied with a smug smile.

About an hour later, B arrived for his shift, as usual, 5 minutes late. He was speechless as he got out of his car and saw 33 garbage bags neatly arranged on the front lawn.

The sheer amount of garbage was overwhelming, and the lawn was completely covered, with not a blade of grass in sight.

A Bin Load of Satisfaction

The OP tossed B the keys to the house and got in his car without saying a word, leaving B to deal with the aftermath of his own mess.

As the OP drove away, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. He had taught B a lesson he wouldn’t forget. But the story didn’t end there.

When the OP returned to work the next night, he checked the security footage, and there it was – B struggling to lug all 33 bags of garbage back to the overflowing bin!

The OP couldn’t contain his laughter as he watched B on video, clearly regretting his actions from the previous day.

From that moment on, B never dared to cross the OP again. He learned the hard way that actions have consequences and revenge is best served cold.

He Was Never Crossed Again

The OP continued to work at the group home, taking out the garbage as required, but with a newfound sense of satisfaction and confidence, knowing that he wouldn’t tolerate any mistreatment from anyone, especially not from someone like B.

The OP not only got his revenge but also gained a sense of empowerment. He realized that standing up for himself and not letting others walk all over him was crucial to maintaining his self-respect and dignity.  

He had learned that sometimes, you must stand up for yourself and show people you won’t tolerate their bad behavior.

Setting His Boundaries

It’s not about being mean or petty but about setting boundaries and making it clear that you won’t let people push you around. 

Redditors found this guy’s story hilarious but thought the circumstances were terrible.

One user said, “I don’t get why your city will only pick up 4 bags, leaving rubbish to build up near a group home for vulnerable people. That’s disgraceful.”

What do you think of his tale of malicious compliance? He won’t have to deal with his coworkers micro-managing him anymore!

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