His Mom Tried to Kill His Bride: The Culprit Was Armed With a Rogue Order of Deadly Cupcakes

One wedding day took a deadly turn for the worse when a seemingly innocent cupcake provided by the mother-in-law was given to the bride. The problem is this cupcake was covered in coconut, which the bride is severely allergic too, but luckily, the groom caught it just in time.

A Shocking Admission

Weddings are full of drama, but one mother-in-law took it to the next level in this shocking admission from a wedding planner on TikTok.

Wedding planners always have interesting stories to tell, and recently, they’ve been spilling the gossip all over TikTok.

TikToker and wedding planner Callie (@_cal_cifer) recently shared her chilling experience. 

As she prepared for the reception, an innocent cupcake delivery from the groom’s mother took a sinister turn.

An Extra Treat

The groom’s mother ordered the cupcakes from a bakery, seemingly as an extra treat for the guests. 

The mother-in-law offered a seemingly harmless cupcake to the bride, but this was no ordinary cupcake – it was covered in coconut, to which the bride was severely allergic.

The groom noticed the danger just in time and prevented the bride from taking a bite.

Guests stood frozen, trying to take in what had just happened.

No Apology for Attempted Murder?

The groom angrily confronted his mother, but the mother-in-law’s heartless response only made things worse. The mother-in-law calmly returned to her seat with no empathy at all!

Viewers showed their anger at the mother-in-law in the comments section.

Users wanted to get revenge on the mother-in-law, “assault charges, civil lawsuit, and then Zero Contact,” One user suggested coldly.

Users speculated that the mother-in-law’s mistake was no accident after Callie revealed in the video that the mother-in-law said, “Accidents happen every day.”

A Sinister Plot?

One user suggested that it could get a whole lot worse, ” Accidents happen everyday,” until “It’s so sad she passed, darling. But I told you she wasn’t right for you. Come back to live where you belong,” imitating the mother-in-law’s potential thoughts.

Another user put a bold statement to send chills down your spine, “Oh she was absolutely trying to murder the bride…” They said.

Do you think this mother-in-law made an innocent mistake or is there something more sinister involved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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