His Mother Kidnaps The Grandchildren and Claims She Didn’t Know It Was Against the Rules

A post on the entitled parent’s subreddit went viral recently – in it, a man details how his mom kidnapped his kids and then claimed she didn’t know it was against the rules! A crazy premise and the story is just as interesting.

They Won a Cruise to the Bahamas

The protagonist of our story was ecstatic when he and his wife won a cruise to the Bahamas for two.

The only problem was that their two young children, a nearly 3-year-old and an 18-month-old, wouldn’t be able to come along. 

Luckily, his mother volunteered to watch the kids for the week they would be away.

They Could Have Time to Themselves Without the Kids

The OP and his wife thought they’d settled everything and could finally have time to themselves!

However, as the trip approached, his mother started talking about having the kids stay at her house instead of theirs.

The original poster (OP) and his wife had assumed that she would be staying at their house, which was single-story and baby-proofed, as well as significantly closer to all of the kid’s doctors in case of emergencies. 

Plus, all of the kid’s stuff was already there.

The Kids Would Be Better off at Home

The OP and his wife expressed their concerns to her, but his mother insisted that it would be better to have the kids at her house so that the OP’s siblings, who still lived there, could help watch them.

The problem was that his mom had previously told the OP that these same siblings had needed instruction on how to be nice to toddlers, which was why he and his wife didn’t go to Thanksgiving!

They declined her offer and said they would find support through their own channels.

Finally, the day of the trip arrived, and the OP and his wife were showing his mother where everything was in their house and going over food and snacks.

She Was Too Busy Playing With the Kids to Listen

However, instead of paying attention to where the diapers were, his mother was more interested in playing with the kids.

On the first day of the cruise, his wife used the boat’s internet to video call home and check on the kids.

His mother assured her that everything was fine but then told her not to call again for the rest of the trip because it might upset the children! What a weird thing to say.

His wife didn’t initially tell him she’d said this, but they called his mother back immediately when she did mention it to him.

Mia – The Kids Were at His Moms House!

To his surprise, his mother was at her house with the kids, and there were new kids’ toys and apparel in the background!

When the OP asked her what had happened, she claimed that she was really sick and thought she had norovirus.

She said she was so nauseous that she had called her brother, who lived five minutes away from the OP, to pack the kids up in the OP’s wife’s car and drive an hour and a half to her house!

Too Dangerous if She’s Sick

The OP was understandably upset. He pointed out that if his mother was too sick to watch the kids, then it was dangerous for her to drive an hour and a half with them in the car – especially with a highly contagious bug! 

He also wondered why she hadn’t called any of the people who had said they would come and help and who had set aside parts of their weeks to support them with their time and money.

Did they even know that the kids weren’t home? He was particularly upset as one person was staying in a hotel to be within ten minutes of the kids in case of emergencies, and now they were over an hour and a half away!

Take Them Home!

He told his mother to pack the kids up in the car and take them home because someone else was going to watch them.

When his mother dropped the kids off, she was sulking and nasty to their new caretakers!

As soon as the OP knew the kids were safe, he sent his mother a message telling her that she clearly didn’t respect them as parents. 

They Are Our Kids

He reminded her that these were their kids, and any sane person would call and ask them what they wanted her to do before packing the kids up and taking them away.

He also told her if the roles were reversed, she would have lost her mind – which he’s seen happen!

The next day, his mother replied to the message, saying that she didn’t realize she had done anything that was that far out of the expected parameters (her words) and that she recognized that parents had their own rules.

Zero Remorse

She never apologized or showed any remorse for what she had done. 

The OP and his wife blocked her on social media and haven’t spoken to her since. It’s understandable why he would feel angry and hurt.

At the end of the day, the safety and well-being of their children were the most important things to OP and his wife. 

Gone Behind His Back

His mother had gone behind his back and taken his children to her house without his permission! She had endangered their lives by driving while sick and had ignored offers of help.

And to top it off, she had refused to apologize or take responsibility for her actions. 

What an insane story!

What do you think about this story? Was he too harsh on his mom, or was he justified in  blowing up at her?

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