His Mother Teaches Her Galivanting Son a Lesson and Gave His Dog Back to His Ex and His Kids. Justified or Not?

A middle-aged mother riled up pet lovers on Reddit when she revealed that she gave her son’s dog to his ex. The back story that follows had many readers wondering who the real dog was, though!

She Was a Happy Grandmother

OP is a 55-year-old mother of three. Her oldest daughter is 30, and she has 25-year-old twins, a girl and a boy.

The two girls are doing well, with one happily married and the other in grad school. But OP’s son seems intent on crapping all over the life he started building as a young man.

OP’s son got married when he was 20 years old, and his new wife had a 3-year-old daughter at the time. OP has always considered the little girl to be her granddaughter.

Two years ago, the son and his wife had a child of their own, which made OP even happier.

Her Son Galivants and Works Around the World

But OP’s son works an unusual job that pays well but has him flying to remote locations. He works and lives away from home for two weeks, then comes home for two weeks.

OP’s son didn’t handle the time away from home very well and ended up cheating on his wife with a coworker. When she found out, the young mother booted him from their house.

Because he is only home for half of each month, OP’s son didn’t want to rent an apartment and blow that extra money. So OP agreed to let him move in with her, at least temporarily.

But OP was shocked when her son turned up at her place with the family dog. She lives in a fairly small apartment and didn’t feel it was fair to the dog to keep it confined to a small space.

He Messed Up His Marriage and Moved in With Her

And it was really unfair to the ex-wife and OP’s grandchildren, who all loved the dog very much. Their place was also well-suited to having a dog, thanks to a large yard and several walking trails nearby.

Even so, OP took on the responsibility of helping her son care for his dog, which became all the more intensive when he was away at work. But she reached her breaking point when he came home most recently.

After two weeks away on the job, OP’s son came home for just one day before flying off to another country for a vacation with his new girlfriend.

As soon as he was gone, OP called the son’s ex-wife and asked if she wanted the dog back. The woman was so happy, she almost cried. 

While He Was Away, She Returned His Dog to Her Grandkids

OP packed up the dog and all its stuff and delivered it home to her grandkids and former daughter-in-law. The family was overjoyed to be reunited with their beloved pet.

When OP’s son returned home from his vacation to prepare for his next work trip, he asked right away where his dog was. OP leveled with him and told him she had returned the dog to his ex.

As OP expected, her son was furious with her for giving up the dog without even talking to him about it first.

But OP told her son that she was finished watching him shirk his responsibilities and trying to use the dog as leverage to wiggle back into his ex’s life.

She Threatened Him

OP finished by stating flatly that, if her son tried to take the dog back, he was no longer welcome in her home.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP in her feelings and actions in this situation.

Most of them say that her son was being selfish, especially since the whole situation was his fault in the first place.

She Was Just Returning the Dog to Its True Home

Some commenters say that giving away a dog without the owner’s knowledge is usually a terrible idea, but that it was more than justified in this case.

Others point out that OP was really just returning the dog to its true home, and not giving it away at all.

So, what do you think about this situation?

Was OP right for taking the dog back to her former daughter-in-law and her grandkids?

Or was it a knee-jerk reaction that she should have thought through a little more?

And do you think OP’s son was using the dog to manipulate his ex-wife and children?

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