His Own Father Betrayed Him. He Was Schizophrenic, Abandoned and All Alone in a Foreign Land

OP was living a quiet life in Columbus, Ohio. He was a Somali-American citizen who was struggling with schizophrenia. This illness was tough on OP and made everyday things really hard to do. During this difficult time, OP’s dad, a man he always looked up to, came up with an idea. He suggested a trip to Somalia.

Schizophrenic Travels to His Homeland

OP felt a bit worried about this trip. He had heard stories about the troubles in Somalia and was unsure.

But his dad was someone he trusted, and he felt a vacation might help him. So, with no other plans in mind, OP agreed to go on this trip, thinking it would be a nice break.

When OP and his dad reached Somalia, something very strange and scary happened. After just a few days, his dad left. He didn’t say goodbye, he didn’t explain why, he just disappeared.

But he didn’t go back to the US empty-handed. He took something very important with him – OP’s passport.

He Was Betrayed by His Father and All Alone

OP woke up one day to find himself all alone in a country he didn’t know very well. Without his passport, he had no way to get back home. He felt betrayed and helpless.

Since that shocking day, OP has been trying everything he can to get his dad to send back his passport. His dad keeps saying that living in Somalia is “better” for OP. According to his dad, life there would be good for him.

But the reality was nothing like what his dad said. Life in Somalia was very hard.

There were no jobs to go to, no places to visit, and the country had a lot of problems. OP felt more and more trapped as he thought about the bills he still had to pay back in the US, like his student loans.

He Tried to Get Help

Hoping to find a way out, OP tried to get help from the US embassy in Somalia. But he found out that it was closed. This was a big setback for OP. Without the embassy, he felt he had nowhere to turn to.

He thought about going to a nearby country to find an embassy there. He thought that if he could just cross the border, he might be able to find help.

But when he tried, they wouldn’t let him. They told him he needed a passport to cross the border.

Now, OP is stuck and doesn’t know what to do next. He’s been thinking about different ideas.

His Father Refused to Send His Passport

Maybe he could ask the police back in Ohio to get his passport from his dad and send it to him. But he’s not sure if that would work. Plus, he’s not sure how to call them from Somalia.

About a month ago, OP’s dad said he would finally send the passport. OP waited and waited, but the passport never came. Now OP wonders if his dad was telling the truth. Maybe he just said that to make OP stop asking for it.

As each day passes, OP’s old life in the US feels like a distant memory. He misses his home and the life he had before this trip. He keeps trying to find help. He keeps hoping that someone, somewhere will hear his cry and find a way to get him back home. He’s trapped in a foreign country, waiting for a miracle to bring him home.

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