His Parents Hired an Exorcist To Rid Him of Demonic Influences and ‘Pray the Gay Away’ in an Attempt To Change His Sexuality

In a shocking TikTok video, a gay teen from Kansas City, Missouri, named Andrew Hartzler, has shared a video capturing a secretive exorcism performed by a preacher hired by his parents to pray the gay away. Here’s the full story.

Trying To Pray the Gay Away

Hartzler reveals that his parents subjected him to years of conversion therapy, a widely discredited and harmful practice aimed at changing an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Growing up in a conservative religious household affiliated with the International House of Prayer, he faced immense pressure to conform to their beliefs.

At the age of 14, he bravely came out to his parents, which led them to enroll him in conversion therapy programs until the end of high school. However, all their efforts were unsuccessful.

His dad thought his identity issues were a “demonic stronghold.”

His Parents Hired an “Exorcist”

In the now-viral TikTok video, Hartzler explains that his parents hired an “exorcist” named John Jacobs, associated with the Christian group known as The Power Team.

The video showcases Jacobs brandishing a bible while roaming Hartzler’s bedroom, and shouting invocations against perceived demonic influences.

The preacher prayed, “Devil, you have no more place, you can never enter this room again,” and “I plead the blood of Christ over this closet, over every piece of clothing in here.”

The hidden camera in the room kept by Hartzler captures the exorcist’s attempts to banish the supposed demons and replace them with angels.

Christian Fanatic’s Claim Homosexuality Is “Profoundly Evil”

He even anoints Hartzler’s bed with oil, claiming that it will save anyone who touches it.

Although the exorcism happened several years ago, Hartzler said he shared the video in TikTok now as he felt it was important for people to see the “dangerous ideology held by certain right-wing Christian fanatics who view homosexuality as “profoundly evil.”

Following the traumatic experiences of conversion therapy and the exorcism attempt, Hartzler no longer maintains a relationship with his parents.

The TikTok video garnered more than a million views and thousands of TikTokers shared their support and thoughts about the situation.

“IDK How You Made It Through That, but My Hat’s off to You”

One user wrote, “Wait, this was YOUR ROOM?! My parents are pretty religious, but this is next level. Idk how you made it through that, but my hat’s off to you.”

Another user joked, “Was he taking the coming out of the closet thing literally?”

So what are your thoughts?

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