His Religious Father Was Livid When He Bought His Baby Brother a ‘Skater’ T-Shirt. Was He in the Wrong?

In a recent Reddit post, a user found himself in a situation that led to a thought-provoking conversation about choices and influences. Here’s what happened.

He Adores His Baby Brother

With a 14-year age gap, OP and his 18-month-old brother share a unique and loving connection.

The story begins with OP’s online shopping journey.

As an avid skateboarder and a person who loves skate brands, OP stumbled upon a shirt that immediately caught his attention.

It was a thrasher shirt, adorned with the iconic fire logo.

So He Bought Them Matching ‘Skater’ Outfits

Eager to match outfits and express his affection for his little brother, OP decided to make the purchase.

OP mentioned that he frequently buys small gifts for his younger brother whenever he shops.

However, things took a turn when OP excitedly showed it to his father.

OP’s father, a conservative Christian, got furious and expressed worries about the shirt and the message it might convey.

But His Dad Hit the Roof

He said that OP was going to “put an image on him” and that they need to “stay away from that stuff”.

The father got into a whole argument and told OP that by buying the shirt, OP is “taking away his innocence.”

OP, genuinely puzzled by his father’s reaction, began to question his concerns.

OP highlighted instances where his father had dressed the little one in shirts depicting aggressive or intense imagery, such as trucks demolishing objects or sharks accompanied by the phrase “shark attack.”

“You Sound Like an Amazing Older Brother”

OP wondered whether these choices also fell into the category of “putting an image on him.”

As a result, OP took to Reddit to ask whether he was wrong for what he did and several Redditors sided with him saying that he was not wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “NTA, you sound like an amazing older brother to have, and I can imagine your brother looks very cute in it! The shirt that you bought him at least is connected to a sport that sounds like you’ll be sharing with him in the future.”

Did Their Dad Have a Negative Opinion of Skater Culture?

Another Redditor commented, “NTA. Your dad has weird double standards and clearly more faith in the power of T-shirts than anyone should. Is your megachurch a follower of the holy Graphic T?”

A third Reddit user added, “NAH. You were trying to do something nice but if your dad doesn’t want certain imagery on his kid that’s his decision. It sounds like your dad has a negative opinion about skater culture and doesn’t want his toddler to wear things from that culture.”

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