His Tyrant Boss Told Him to Work From Her Home and Made Him Sign an NDA So He Wouldn’t Touch Anything?! Including a Decapitated Bird

Nightmare bosses are terrible – especially when they’re lazy and entitled. That’s why this guy’s tale of malicious compliance with his horrible boss is so satisfying! He did exactly what she told him to, and she ended up paying the price.

His Boss Was Terrible

Our protagonist, LM, has been working at the answering service for over a year now. He had started out hopeful that it would be a decent job, but as time went on, he realized how terrible his boss was.

The company he worked for handled the phones for several different companies, and the owner was a single person who also owned five other houses.

LM had heard rumors about how his boss treated her employees, but he didn’t believe them until he experienced it for himself.

Their job was to take messages and page or text them to the relevant people. It was a simple enough job, but with LM’s boss, nothing was ever simple.

Office in a State of Disrepair

The office was in a state of disrepair. The carpet was ruined, the walls had holes in them, and the computers and equipment were ancient.

Some of the phones still used technology from the 2000s, and there were barely enough working computers for the employees to use.

There were at least 10 or 12 old computers in the corner that didn’t work anymore. LM’s boss treated the employees terribly.

When they were busy and overwhelmed with calls, she wouldn’t lift a finger to help. She would just tell them to hurry up and yell at them when they couldn’t handle the workload.

Work at the Boss’ House

Earlier this week, LM’s computer stopped working. He was pretty sure someone could fix it, but his boss didn’t want to spend the money to get it repaired.

Instead, she told him to work from one of her houses with a computer that had the necessary programs and equipment. The house she wanted him to work in was actually 10 minutes closer to his home than the office.

LM didn’t make a big deal about it and signed a non-disclosure form, agreeing not to tell anyone about her house and that he wouldn’t touch anything other than work equipment.

LM thought everything was going well until earlier this week when he was sitting at the desk and noticed his boss’s cat walking in from the doggie door with a dead bird in her mouth!

Her Cat Caught a Bird

LM knows that he needs to tell Boss about the cat and the bird, so he calls her.

“Hey, so uh, your cat just walked in, and it had-” LM starts to say before his boss cuts him off.

“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY CAT,” his boss screams.

“But the cat-” LM tries to explain, but she interrupts him again.



LM sighs and says, “…yeah, alright.” 

His boss’s response took LM aback, but he decided to do nothing about the situation.

On his way out, he saw a pile of feathers and bird parts all over her bed, and he couldn’t help but laugh.

She’ll Be Furious

He knew that his boss was going to be furious when she found out, but he didn’t care. He was tired of being mistreated and disrespected by his boss.

His boss tried to ask him if he knew anything about the dead bird incident, but he told her that he didn’t because of the NDA he signed.

LM told her that he couldn’t wander around her house and that he couldn’t touch anything that wasn’t work-related.

He also told her that the door was “closed” when he left, which was technically true, and this was his way of saying that he had done nothing wrong.

Quitting Soon

LM knew that he was going to quit soon, but he wanted to wait until he finished school in a few months. He didn’t want to find a part-time job for only a month, so he decided to bite the bullet and finish his studies before quitting.

However, when he did eventually quit, he planned to tell someone about the work violations that his boss had committed.

LM is tired of his boss’s behavior, and he knows that he can’t continue working for someone like her. He has been mistreated and disrespected for far too long, and he is ready to move on to better things.

He knows that he has a bright future ahead of him, and he’s excited to see what the future holds!

Lovely Pets

Redditors loved LM’s story. One user said, “Horrible bosses often have the most lovely pets. My old boss(es – they are a couple) brought their golden retriever in every day.

She would always make sure to come into my TK suite well ahead of the boss, and I’d see her reflection on my CRT, so I had a couple of seconds to make myself look busy (if there was no work, I’d browse forums and learn stuff, but that didn’t look busy enough apparently).”

What do you think about his story? Should he have stopped the cat, or was he right in doing nothing?

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