His Victorious Streamlined Trick Led to a Reprimand, but He Was a Proud Military Man and Didn’t Care!

OP had always been averse to taking bullshit from anyone and had no intention of passing it on to others. So, it was no surprise when they joined the military at a young age, where such audacity was both admired and frowned upon.

He Became a Leader Despite the Odds

Miraculously, he survived the military with his “go-getter” attitude intact and even rose to become the leader of his division, defying the odds stacked against him.

Leading the department responsible for his unit’s major equipment, OP encountered a mountain of administrative tasks.

Every division had its own equipment, and maintaining records of run hours, maintenance logs, and readings for each gauge and meter meant drowning in paper.

However, OP’s team had devised a clever system—pre-made forms, marked with yellow highlighter, ready to be copied for the next day.

A Streamlined Trick Saved Time

This simple trick streamlined the process, saving time and effort in the face of overwhelming paperwork.

On that fateful day, disaster struck—the auto document feeder of the copier malfunctioned.

The responsibility of creating forms for the next day’s use fell upon OP’s division, and there was no luxury of fixed working hours or picking up where they left off the next day.

In the military, the mission had to be completed regardless of the hour—be it noon or midnight. Failure meant being called back in to fix the problem, stealing precious moments from the embrace of loved ones.

Its Fate Was Sealed

Examining the ailing copier, OP realized its fate was sealed. The plastic casing was shattered, revealing multiple attempts at patching it up. No amount of ingenuity could save it now.

Undeterred, OP declared a “do not resuscitate” order and sent someone to request a replacement.

But his hopes were dashed when the supply officer denied the request, claiming that manual copies could still be made, one painstaking document at a time.

Unwilling to accept defeat, OP took matters into his own hands. Armed with a copier and a sledgehammer, they stormed into the supply officer’s quarters, ready to make a statement and fight for what was right.

Reprimanded for Victory

In a shocking turn of events, the supply officer witnessed the copier’s broken state firsthand—the shattered plastic and scattered innards on the floor.

Convinced of the need for a replacement, they not only approved the request but also arranged for a rarely used copier from another department.

Though OP faced reprimand later on, it was a small price to pay for the victory they had achieved.

Their unwavering determination showed that standing up against the odds and fighting for what’s right, even in the face of challenges and consequences, could bring about significant change.

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