His Wife Just Gave Birth and Her Husband Sulks Because He Can’t Play Games With His Friends

A man and his wife had a baby six weeks ago.  The man was over at his friend’s house when his wife called wanting him to come home.  When the man gets home he asks his wife if his friends can come over and she says no.  The man says loudly “What am I going to do all day?”  To find out what happens next, read on.

They Had A Baby

OP and his wife, Sarah, had a baby six weeks ago.  Sarah had a friend over to help her while OP was out.  OP finishes up at the gym and goes over to his friend’s house to hang out with the guys and play some games.  

After about 30 minutes, Sarah calls OP asking if he can come home now. 

Sarah’s friend is gone and the bump on her skin has gotten a lot more painful.  It hurts when she stands and walks.  Sarah does not want to be taking care of their newborn by herself when she is hurting this badly.

OP is disappointed but he tells the friend that brought him over that he has to leave now.  His friends are confused and upset.  Upset mostly because that means they will be short a person for their game.

He Has A Better Idea

OP calls his wife while he is on the way home and asks if she is ok with him bringing his friends over to their house.  That way he can still play with his friends when she does not need him.  Everyone wins and everyone is happy.

Sarah says she does not feel up to having people over right now.  There is not anything left to say so OP and Sarah hang up.

OP is mad.  He had been looking forward to this time with his friends all week.

OP gets home and lays down next to his wife.  He is thinking about how she does not need him right now.  15 minutes go by and then out loud he asks himself “What am I going to do all day?”

She Starts Crying

Sarah starts crying.  She asks OP if he is seriously mad at her for calling him home. 

OP tells her that he is mad, not for her calling him home but because she will not let him have his friends over when it does not make any difference to her.

OP says that his friends would be in the living room playing the entire time.  He says that it is not like she would be leaving the bedroom since it hurts to walk. 

OP thinks she has no reason to walk anyway because he would be at Sarah’s beck and call.

Sarah tells OP that he has his priorities all messed up.  OP tells Sarah that she comes before his friends.  He just does not see why he can not be there for her when she needs him and play with his friends.  

She Needs Some TLC and Moral Support

Sarah tries explaining that she needs OP for moral support but he does not understand.  He knows that she is ok with him just hanging out and playing games in the living room. She said so.

After they were done with their argument, Sarah took an Ibuprofen and felt no pain at all until the next day.

He’s Clueless!

The Reddit Community as a whole believes that OP is clueless.

OrangeCubit wants to know why his friends would be confused that OP had to go home to his wife and newborn.  

MaleficentExtent1777 says that he does not even have kids and he knows that it is wrong to bring a group of loud people over with his wife still healing from childbirth.

MrsNLupin points out that a six-week-old newborn has no vaccinations or immune system.  Having his friends over is a quick way to end up at the hospital.

BabyCowGT said that Sarah might not be comfortable being in baggy clothes and crazy hair in front of (or nearby) OP’s friends.

He Should Not Be Whining

Weezulusmaximus reminds OP he should not be whining about his Saturday plans being ruined because his plans for the next 18 years or so are already “ruined” because he and Sarah chose to have a baby.

Was OP wrong for telling his wife he was mad about his friends coming over?  Or is Sarah being emotional?

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