HIV Diagnosis at 19: Worried He’d Be Seen “As Untouchable” – Proven Wrong, Now He’s Tackling Stigma

In a heartbreaking video, one TikToker has revealed that he was diagnosed with HIV at the tender age of 19. Since then, he’s received all kinds of abuse, but now he’s ready to break the stigma around the disease in the best possible way!

A Life-Changing Revelation

In a TikTok video that’s gone viral, Zach Willmore, at 19 years old, bravely shared a life-changing revelation.

“I’m 19 and found out I got diagnosed with HIV,” Zach tearfully revealed. 

But this is just the start of his story, and he’s using his voice to talk about living with HIV.

“I’m worried people might see me as untouchable,” he says, talking about those who don’t want to touch him because of his diagnosis.

“People keep on giving me hugs,” Zach shares in a heartwarming admission.

“The World Is Ending for Me”

Zach opened up. “It feels like the world is ending for me.” 

Even though sharing such personal news was tough, he found support from many. People cared about him even during tough times.

Not everyone on X (Twitter) was kind; some made fun of Zach for talking about life with HIV.

But his supporters came to his aid, “Y’all best leave Zach Willmore alone I swear,” One user warned on Twitter.

Changing Perceptions

Zach responded to his fans, saying, “Besides teaching about HIV, it helps me deal with everything.”

Zach’s goal is to change how people think about HIV and show that life can still be great even with HIV. 

“People avoid talking about HIV because of the stigma,” he said in a video.

TikTok users rally behind Zach, reminding him to stay true to himself, “You are not gross or untouchable or anything of the sort! This doesn’t change who you are at all. We love you Zach!!”

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