Mom Told Hooters Is No Place for Kids! Happy 5-Year-Old Birthday Boy Begs to Differ!

One mother decided to celebrate her son’s 5th birthday by taking him to the adult-friendly restaurant, Hooters, where girl waitresses are paid to serve food in slightly revealing clothing. In the viral TikTok video, the waitresses and the boy have a fantastic time together, but some people on the internet think it’s inappropriate.

A Hooters Birthday Tribute

A TikTok mom is facing backlash after bringing her young son to Hooters for his birthday celebration. 

In a video shared by user darbyallison19, her son was seen being serenaded by Hooters’ waitresses in a birthday tribute.

The video showed Hooters’ waitresses using cups and serving platters to involve the young boy in the restaurant’s birthday chant. 

They had him pretend to be an Owl, the chain’s mascot, as the waitresses performed the chant. 

Was It Dad’s Birthday?

The boy stood on his chair, flapping his pretend wings, while the entire restaurant cheered by the end of the song.

Despite the boy’s big smile, many users believed that Hooters was an inappropriate location for a child’s birthday celebration. 

“I don’t get the whole Hooters thing,” one commenter questioned. 

Another suggested that it seemed more like the father’s birthday than the child’s, “Happy birthday dad.”

“Best B’Day of His Life”

Some mums admitted they don’t see a problem with the controversial birthday outing, “I’m a mother myself and if my kids ever wanted to go to Hooters then I would take them.”

Other users were more bothered about the child’s happiness as his smile was plain for all to see, “Bro had the best bday of his life.”

“​​They did the same to me,” one user admitted.

Other users shared their own hilarious Hooter stories, “I went to Hooters with my Mom at 5-6. My brother was 11 or 12. I think it was where he wanted to go for his Birthday. I liked the jukebox.”

Do you think this is inappropriate for a 5-year-old’s birthday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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