Hotel Reservation Nightmare – The Mystery Guest with a Vanishing Credit Card!

Fasten your seatbelts, folks! Our protagonist, OP, was in for a wild ride, navigating the winding paths of customer service in a renowned hotel. This isn’t your everyday tale of reservations gone wrong but a journey teeming with red flags, twists, and turns that would make even the most seasoned hotelier go, ‘Wait, what?’

Red Flags Were Appearing!

The narrative unfolds with an odd pair of bookings – an advance one-night reservation followed by a three-nighter. The guest wished to stay in the same room, which seemed reasonable, except for the red flags appearing!

The credit card linked to the first reservation was denied in a foreboding turn of events. Remember, this was a points-cum-payment reservation, so things immediately went south.

Adding to the peculiarity, OP noticed that the guest wasn’t a member of the hotel’s loyalty program. It is an unusual twist, considering the reservation was made using points from the loyalty program.

OP rang the guest, who surprisingly declared an intention to pay in cash. Alarm bells were ringing louder when he suggested using the credit card from the second booking, which was also declined.

The Hotel’s General Manager Ignored the Warning Signs

Realizing the gravity of the credit card fiasco, OP relayed the situation to the hotel’s General Manager.

Ignoring the glaring warning signs, the manager decided to let the guest arrive and provide a credit card, citing the ‘prepay’ nature of the booking.

The plot thickened when the loyalty program hotline agent revealed that the reservation was a family affair.

The member was the guest’s wife, who was not attending; the reservation was in the husband’s name, and their 18-year-old son was expected to provide the credit card.

So Many Questions!

This absurdity had OP’s fraud detector hitting peak levels. How did a prepaid reservation go through with a declined credit card, and how did an 18-year-old become the prospective cardholder?

Despite OP’s advice to cancel and refund the perplexing reservations, neither the General Manager nor the reservations specialist agreed to it. This left OP astounded at the situation, a dubious reservation approved based on mind-boggling technicalities.

This whirlwind of a reservation had left OP questioning the efficacy of their reservation system. How could such an incident take place without any checks and balances in place, she wondered?

A Roller Coaster Ride

The situation was left hanging by a thread, the guest had yet to arrive and provide a valid card, and OP left flabbergasted.

This tale is a rollercoaster ride for anyone involved in the hospitality industry, begging the question – how far should service providers go in accommodating unusual reservations while also maintaining security and integrity?

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