How to Transition Without Your Parent’s Knowledge With the Free ‘Build-A-Queer’ Kit for Minors, Which Includes Weapons for Self-Defence

Florida’s QT Project offers “Build-A-Queer” kits for gender transitioning, including minors.

Free Transitioning Kits for All

The Queer Trans (QT) Project, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, has been actively promoting and distributing “Build-A-Queer” kits designed to assist individuals, particularly minors, in transitioning to another gender. 

These kits, offered for free on TikTok and other social media platforms, include various items such as chest binders, condoms, “packers” to imitate male bulges in undergarments, and other gender-affirming products.

Over the past two years, the QT Project has dispatched nearly 1,000 kits to various states across the United States. 

While it remains uncertain how many of these packages have been received by minors, the group ensures “discretion” in its advertisements, implying that their services are tailored to address concerns about privacy and parental knowledge.

… Including Minors

The founder of the QT Project has shared advice through videos on TikTok, suggesting half a dozen strategies for minors to receive the kits without their parents’ awareness. 

These tactics involve using a post office box, employing a friend’s name as the addressee, or sending the package to a sympathetic teacher at school. 

The group’s popularity on social media platforms has led to a growing following, garnering tens of thousands of supporters.

Notably, the QT Project claims that its kits are customizable for both boys and girls seeking to transition, and the website emphasizes that all products are free of charge and available for individuals of all ages. 

Trans Self-Defense Kit Contains Weapons… And a Coloring Book

Recent restocks of inventory have been met with overwhelming demand, with the site running out of items for approximately 500 orders within a remarkably short span of time, as showcased in organizers’ TikTok videos.

At one point, the QT Project also offered a “trans self-defense” package containing pepper spray, a knife, Taser, and coloring book, all free of charge. 

The group discontinued this particular kit to focus on other initiatives like “Build-a-Queer-Kits” and a “Gender-Affirming Care Flights Program.” 

It is worth noting that Florida law prohibits the provision of certain weapons, such as specific knives and Tasers, to minors, which may have influenced their decision to discontinue the self-defense kits.

Developed in Response to Gender Dysphoria

The founder of the QT Project, Cielo Sunsarae, who identifies as transgender, established the organization as a response to their own experiences with gender dysphoria and experimentation with chest binders. 

Sunsarae believes that individuals seeking to transition should have access to devices and products to aid their gender exploration, regardless of government regulations.

In a recent development, Sunsarae testified against a Florida bill that was ultimately signed into law.

Despite a Bill That Prevents Minors Receiving Gender Change Treatments

The bill prevents minors from receiving gender change treatments, including puberty blockers and surgical sex reassignment. 

This indicates the QT Project’s firm stance on advocating for the rights of transgender individuals, especially minors, to access gender-affirming care and gender transition resources. 

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