Humbled Trader Net Worth, Biography, Trading Journey (Updated)

The Humbled Trader, also known as Shay, is a professional stock trader and YouTuber. She is an avid snowboarder, pole fitness enthusiast, a foodie (That’s her only reason to exercise), and delightful to be around.

Full NameHumbled Trader
ProfessionStock Trader, Youtuber
HobbiesSnowboarding, Food, Pole fitness enthusiast
Youtube ChannelHumbled Trader
Twitter Account@HumbledTrader18
Instagram Account@humbledtrader
Humbled Trader Net Worth$1 Million (Updated 2022)

Humbled Trader net worth

In 2014, Shay began trading, and after a rough start, she now trades from home full-time and amasses a net worth estimated to be more than one million USD.

Biography (A brief background)

Shay spent years in labor-intensive fields such as film and VFX before she turned to full-time day trading to make a living. Even though the pay was decent, the schedule was lengthy and physically and mentally exhausting. After years of hard work, effort, and sacrifice, Shay began searching for an escape. 

Day trading was the way she discovered how to become the person she wanted to be in 2014. Working from home became her dream job as she loves to live indoors. 

“Achieving financial freedom and traveling the world, all while making BIG money… that sounds like a dream, right?” … She believed that, at least.

Trading journey

Almost every beginner trader soon learns that trading is not easy, and Shay was no different.

The journey was filled with many failures, and there were many days she wanted to give up. Shay once smashed her computer and cried after losing over $20,000 on trading tips she received in chat rooms.  

Shay, who struggled for over a year and lost a lot of money, found that trading is much more than knowing the “perfect” system. For Shay, trading involves: 

  • Knowing psychology, 
  • Traders should follow price action (rather than patterns)  
  • The implementation of an organized risk management system

Shay finally found consistent day trading profits after putting risk over reward. Including her plan as part of a series of high probability trading strategies increased her chances of success. 

Shay doesn’t always have green trading days, but she has far more green days than red days. What matters in day trading is not the amount of money you earn, but how little money you lose. Shay now trades full-time from home following an intense six-year grind in the markets. 

Youtube Channel

Shay also creates educational and entertaining videos on YouTube, where she shares her trading journey, and the lessons she learned.

Her YouTube channel was where she first gained popularity. 

It took her just two years to reach 841k subscribers on YouTube (Updated on January 2022).

Shay prefers to avoid the Lamborghinis, expensive travel and partying found on most trading channels.

Rather, she wants to demonstrate how difficult it is to trade and invest in the stock market today. This is why she is loved by her audience.