Hunter Biden Faces Allegations of Diverting Over $20,000 From Daughter’s College Fund Toward Substance Abuse and Extravagant Lifestyle

Hunter Biden withdrew $20,000 from his daughter Maisy’s college fund to cover expenses related to addiction, according to recently obtained emails. Here’s the full report.

Hunter Biden’s Shocking Financial Revelations

In a stunning report, emails have shed light on the financial strain and questionable decisions of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden. 

These emails suggest that Hunter Biden withdrew a significant sum of money, $20,000, from his own daughter Maisy’s college fund to finance his expensive drug and prostitute habit. The report, published on Friday, has once again put Hunter Biden’s personal life under scrutiny.

The emails in question date back to December 17, 2018, when Hunter Biden received a notification from Wells Fargo bank indicating that his personal account balance had plummeted to just 44 cents.

In response to this dire financial situation, Hunter issued a directive instructing the bank to transfer $20,000 from his daughter Maisy’s college savings account. 

His Downward Spiral

This shocking decision marked the beginning of a downward spiral, as these funds intended for Maisy’s education were diverted towards a troubling lifestyle.

These financial woes coincide with Hunter Biden’s well-documented struggle with substance abuse, including a “full-blown addiction” to crack cocaine and excessive spending on prostitutes. 

Hunter Urges Wealth Managers to Liquidate Assets

In a subsequent email sent to his wealth managers mere days after the financial scare, Hunter Biden urged them to “liquidate what you can,” signaling a desperate attempt to secure funds.

He also requested that no money be withdrawn from his accounts to settle bills related to his “ex.”

Where Did Hunter’s Daughter’s Money Go?

Further investigation into the emails retrieved from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop reveals a troubling pattern. 

Biden allegedly diverted the money drawn from his daughter’s college fund toward expenditures such as payments for prostitutes, the purchase of a high-end sports car, subscription fees for explicit online content, and other undisclosed expenses.

Maisy, aged 17 at the time, was in her last year of high school. She, along with her two older sisters, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill, attempted an intervention at the President’s Delaware home. 

Despite Hunter’s promise to go to rehab, he admitted in his 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things, that he ended up smoking crack in a hotel.

Insight Into Hunter’s Financial Crisis

One email exchange involves Hunter Biden’s assistant, Katie Dodge, reminding him of outstanding bills and expenses that required immediate attention. In response, Hunter directed her to make payments for certain expenses while deferring others.

He also informed her that she would receive only half of her paycheck, citing the reason that his business partner was now “a prisoner on death row in China.” 

This cryptic reference allegedly alludes to businessman Ye Jianming, who mysteriously disappeared from public view in China that same year.

Hunter’s Legal Troubles

Hunter Biden’s recent legal troubles have further compounded the scrutiny surrounding his financial dealings and personal life.

He recently appeared for his arraignment in federal court, facing charges of making a false statement in the purchase of a firearm, making false statements related to information required by a federal firearms licensed dealer, and one count of possession of a firearm while being an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance.

Facing Prison Time

Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to these charges.

The charges he faces collectively carry a maximum prison sentence of up to 25 years, with each count also carrying a potential maximum fine of $250,000 and three years of supervised release.

As the legal proceedings unfold, these revelations about Hunter Biden’s financial struggles and questionable decisions have raised significant concerns. It remains to be seen how this latest chapter in the Biden family’s saga will impact the broader political landscape and public perception.

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