Hunter Biden’s Daughter Vandalized the Capitol – Her Punishment? An Apology Letter

It has come to light that Naomi Biden, the daughter of Hunter Biden, allegedly participated in an act of vandalism at the United States Capitol while working as a Senate page back in 2011.

Vandalism by a Biden

At the time of this incident, Naomi was just 17 years old. She had managed to secure a prestigious position as a Senate page, working alongside the then-majority leader in the Senate, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid. Her grandfather, Joe Biden, was serving as the Vice President of the United States during this period.

The alleged act of vandalism occurred during an exclusive tour of the Capitol dome. 

Vandalism in the Heart of Democracy

During this tour, reports suggest that Naomi, along with another page, defaced the historic walls surrounding the dome.

According to the New York Post, the allegations suggest that the two young pages carved their names into the stone at the top of the dome — an area strictly off-limits to all but members of Congress and their distinguished guests.

Later, architects were called in to repair the damage caused by this act of vandalism.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden was reportedly informed about this incident, and Hunter Biden, who was engaged in his own pursuits at the time, took it upon himself to address the matter with Elizabeth Roach, the supervisor of the Senate page program. 

Hunter Biden’s Regret and Disappointment

In an email dated June 30, 2011, retrieved from his abandoned laptop, Hunter expressed his sincere regret and disappointment, saying, “I am Naomi Biden’s Dad. I cannot express how sorry I am for Naomi’s behavior. I have been in meetings all day and just heard… what happened. As soon as Naomi is finished work today, I will be speaking with her. I am very disappointed in their behavior, but understand that the intent was not malicious.”

Senate Page Program Supervisor’s Response

Roach acknowledged Hunter’s email and thanked him for reinforcing the seriousness of the situation. 

She told him that the pages involved would have to write apology letters to the Sergeant at Arms and the Deputy Sergeant at Arms. 

Naomi Biden promptly complied with the directive, apologizing to both officials.

Former Sergeant at Arms Speaks Out

Terrance W. Gainer, the former Sergeant at Arms who received Naomi’s apology letter, recognized that such incidents were not uncommon among young teenagers who were away from home for the first time.

In these cases, the primary objective was to correct their behavior and guide them toward more constructive paths.

Minor Consequences

X users were quick to comment. One user said, “like dad like daughter…” while another asked “what’s going on with the wild child thing in the Biden family..??”

While the consequences for Naomi’s alleged vandalism appear to have been relatively minor, just a few weeks after the incident, she accompanied her grandfather, Joe Biden, on a trip to China — a fact that has fueled further interest in the timeline of events.

After becoming a Senate page, Naomi pursued higher education at the University of Pennsylvania and later attended Columbia Law School. She subsequently embarked on a career in international arbitration law, joining the ranks of the prestigious Washington D.C. law firm Arnold & Porter.

Dredging Up the Past

The resurfacing of this intriguing episode from the past offers a glimpse into the life of the Biden family. 

Hunter Biden’s swift response and Naomi’s subsequent academic and professional achievements underline the complexities of family dynamics amid the backdrop of political prominence.

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