Is “Hunter Biden Admitting Everything” by Suing Giuliani for ‘Daddy’s’ Tarnished Reputation?

Hunter Biden has taken legal action against Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor and lawyer for Donald Trump. Hunter Biden alleges that Giuliani and his attorney, Robert Costello, played a significant role in compromising his digital privacy. 

Back to the Laptop

This lawsuit, filed in a US district court in California, focuses on attempts to link Hunter Biden’s legal and personal issues to his father, President Joe Biden, through claims regarding a controversial laptop and hard drive. 

In the lawsuit, Hunter Biden claims Giuliani and Costello have dedicated extensive time and effort to seek, access, manipulate, and disseminate data taken or stolen from his devices and storage platforms.

 Giuliani has been accused of using Hunter Biden’s data to tarnish Joe Biden’s reputation during the 2020 election. Hunter Biden has also initiated legal action against the owner of a Delaware computer repair shop that accessed his data. 

Hunter Biden’s lawsuit claims that Giuliani, Costello, and others violated federal laws, including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as two California laws. 

The “Manhattan Project”

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, legal costs, and orders to prevent further use or manipulation of the compromised data. 

Hunter Biden’s legal team argues that his data was tampered with, altered, and damaged before being copied and sent to the defendants. 

Furthermore, they claim that the illegal hacking and tampering involved further alterations and damage, the extent of which remains unknown.

The lawsuit also implicates Steve Bannon, a former Trump White House strategist and far-right figure, alleging that Giuliani worked closely with Bannon to access, manipulate, and copy Hunter Biden’s laptop data.

 This operation, referred to as the “Manhattan Project,” aimed to create a potent political weapon.

Giuliani Live Exposure 

The lawsuit references admissions made by Giuliani, including a statement he made on his podcast, “America’s Mayor Live,” where he proudly displayed Hunter Biden’s laptop on camera. 

During the podcast, Giuliani declared his ownership of the data and then boasted about copying, accessing, analyzing, and manipulating the transferred data.

Rudy Giuliani faces mounting legal challenges himself, including a lawsuit from his own attorney, Robert Costello, over unpaid fees. 

Additionally, he is confronting a $10 million lawsuit from a former personal assistant alleging offenses like sexual assault.

Legal Troubles

Many of Giuliani’s legal troubles are also tied to his role in attempting to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. 

 In Georgia, he has pleaded not guilty to 13 racketeering and conspiracy charges, but his financial struggles have forced him to list his New York apartment for sale.

It seems the most surprising part of this story for people is Hunter Biden admitting the laptop was his, as he previously claimed it never belonged to him in the first place.

 One social media user said, “So he’s claiming ownership of the laptop now. That’s what is important here. Hunter is ADMITTING EVERYTHING by filing this lawsuit.”

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