Hurt Feelings? – Trump Dodges GOP Debate Again Claiming Fox News’ Disapproval of Him

Former President Trump pulled another fast one, deciding to skip the upcoming Republican presidential primary debate again! Here’s everything we know about the GOP debate and Trump’s debate-dodging tactics.

Ditching Debate for Detroit

Trump’s campaign confirms he’s skipping the second GOP debate in California, opting for a competing address in Detroit.

Mark your calendars for a showdown of speeches as Trump’s surprise address in Detroit will rival the California debate on the same night. 

The exact time and audience for Trump’s address remain a mystery, with everyone intrigued to find out his motive.

Seeking Support From Auto Workers?

Trump’s chosen location for his address is significant. He’ll speak in Detroit, where United Auto Workers are battling for their rights, potentially targeting their support.

Polls showed Trump as the top dog in the Republican field, and he’s using this as a reason to dodge the debates altogether.

Trump’s no-show at the first GOP debate rings a bell as he previously opted for a primetime interview with Tucker Carlson instead. It’s looking like history is about to repeat itself.

The second GOP debate is set for September 27 at the iconic Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, with the absence of Trump looking to be a major talking point once again.

Down on Fox News

Fox News’ Stuart Varney, Dana Perino, and Univision’s Ilia Calderón are set to moderate the debate, with Trump claiming that Fox News’ disapproval of him is one reason for his absence.

The Republican National Committee remained tight-lipped regarding the confirmed candidates, keeping everyone in suspense as to who had met the stringent requirements.

A closer examination of the qualifying criteria revealed that candidates had to meet a specific threshold of polling numbers and gain unique campaign donors.

Trump Edging Out Biden in Polls

New data emerged from a CBS News poll, illustrating Trump’s edge over President Biden in a head-to-head matchup, capturing a commanding 50% compared to Mr. Biden’s 49%, a worry for anti-Trump supporters ahead of the election.

Are Trump’s debate-dodging tactics going to work in his favor? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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