Husband Expects Stepdaughter to Play Housemaid While He Works From Home

A fed-up wife took to Reddit to ask for opinions after telling her husband to pick up his mess instead of counting on her daughter to do it. And, boy, did she get opinions! Here is the whole story.

He Started Working From Home

OP is the mother of a college-aged daughter who lives at home instead of in the dorms. OP is also married, but her husband is not the girl’s father.

The man and girl have always treated each other with respect, and they’ve always gotten along. OP isn’t sure either one loves the other, but she’ll take what she can.

OP’s husband came into the picture too late to form any father-daughter bond with the girl, so they don’t have that type of relationship.

Recently, OP’s husband changed jobs and started working full-time from home. Since OP works a day job in an office, her husband and daughter would be alone in the house for a good chunk of the day.

And Continually Interrupted Her Daughter’s Studies

The arrangement had no problems, but OP’s daughter soon started coming to her to complain about her stepdad.

The issue was that OP’s husband continually interrupted the daughter while she was studying to ask her to do things for him.

And it wasn’t anything fun that OP’s husband wanted his stepdaughter to do. Instead, he started asking her to pick up the messes he made throughout the day.

For example, if OP’s husband sat down and had lunch at the kitchen table, he’d knock on the daughter’s door afterward. He’d want her to clean up his dishes and other messes because he was heading into a meeting!

… To Clean Up His Dishes and Messes!

OP thought maybe her daughter was overreacting to a harmless request at first, but the girl kept coming to her day after day. And she always had a story about what her stepfather wanted from her that day.

Usually, OP’s daughter would clean up like her stepdad asked to avoid a fight. But OP reached the point where she’d heard enough, so she told her daughter to leave the mess the next time he asked for help.

So that’s what happened, and when OP came home from work that day, she found her husband’s lunch mess on the table. She confronted him and asked why he hadn’t cleaned up.

He answered that OP’s daughter should have cleared the table since he was busy with work. But the girl was listening to the conversation and told her mother she hadn’t eaten lunch that day, so the mess was all her stepdad’s.

He Was Busted!

That’s when OP told her husband she knew he had been pulling the same stunt daily. OP could see from his body language that he felt busted but wasn’t taking any blame.

Instead, OP’s husband said he didn’t think it was a big deal for the daughter to take a break from schoolwork for a few minutes to help. He repeated that he was busy working all the time.

OP’s daughter jumped in and asked why her stepdad didn’t clean up if it was such a quick and simple task.

Before the argument could get out of control, OP put her foot down. She told her husband not to bother her daughter during the day. From then on, everyone had to pick up after themselves.

… And Felt Humiliated

Later on, OP’s husband came to her upset, saying she had humiliated him in front of her daughter.

OP doesn’t think she did anything wrong; she told her husband to grow up.

Redditors mostly applaud OP for standing up to her husband on her daughter’s behalf.

Do You Think His Behavior Is Sexist?

Many of them wonder if there are other problems in the marriage based on the husband’s sexist behavior.

Some suggest that OP should observe for other issues because it seems her husband is unhappy that her daughter is home when he’s working.

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