Husband Hits ‘Mute’ on In-Laws – The Hilarious Reason? He Locked Them Out of Noisy Late-Night TV!

A fed-up husband had Redditors shaking their heads after he turned on parental controls on his TV. You won’t believe who he was trying to block! Here is the whole story.

Their In-Laws Have Moved In

OP and his wife are both in their 30s. They have two kids, an 8-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter.

OP’s in-laws recently moved in with them because their house was badly damaged in a freak accident. It should only be a temporary arrangement, but it’s really starting to wear on OP.

The main issue is that the older couple is really noisy, causing all kinds of problems in OP’s house.

The trouble pops up at night because OP’s father-in-law works a second shift. That means he doesn’t get home until a little after 11 pm.

They Play YouTube Videos Late at Night

Meanwhile, OP’s mother-in-law doesn’t work, so she’s stuck at home all day without much to do.

So, when the older man gets home, OP’s in-laws like spending time together winding down and hanging out.

And their favorite way to wind down is to play YouTube videos on OP’s TV and blast music through his speaker system.

But the kids’ bedtime is 8:30 pm, so they’re usually sawing logs when their grandfather comes home from work. They don’t sleep long because the “party” in the living room wakes them up.

… And It Keeps the Rest of the Family Awake

OP’s kids don’t try to join in the fun, either. They wake up sleepy and cranky and just want the noise to stop.

So, they go and wake up OP so he can tell his in-laws to keep it down. He gives it his best shot, but most of the time, they just blow him off.

OP’s wife works the night shift, so she never sees or hears any of the fuss that erupts when her dad gets home every night. So it falls on OP to take care of the situation.

OP tried to reason with his in-laws many times. He asked them to keep the noise down to a manageable level so that he and the kids could sleep and prepare for the next day of work and school.

They Tried To Find a Resolution, but It Fell on Deaf Ears

But the father-in-law pushed back hard and said OP was trying to deprive him of the things he likes to do. After all, he doesn’t get home until late and wants to watch videos after work.

Tired of the bickering, OP put his foot down and told his father-in-law that he could watch the TV before work and on his days off. But no more late-night noise.

That sent OP’s father-in-law running to his daughter, who took her dad’s side. She told OP that their kids need to learn to sleep through some noise.

OP pointed out that his wife had no idea how loud it really was since she was never around when her dad got home. But it fell on deaf ears.

FIL Threw a Fit!

Feeling like he was out of options, OP finally decided to turn on the parental controls on his TV. Now, no one can watch anything between 8:30 at night and 6 in the morning without the password.

And OP was the only one in the house with the password. His father-in-law was out of luck.

Now, of course, OP’s father-in-law is throwing a fit. And OP’s wife is mad that he upset her dad so much.

OP refuses to back down because of the sleep factor, but he wonders if maybe he is being unreasonable.

A Stroke of Genius!

Redditors almost unanimously support OP in this situation. They think he has been reasonable all along the way and gave his father-in-law several options, all of which the older man rejected.

Many think it was a stroke of genius to turn on parental controls, even if it might seem a little drastic. Several pointed out the humor in the father-in-law’s fit about the controls making him look like an actual child.

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