Husband Pretends Not To Notice His Wife at Her Sister’s Birthday Party and It Nearly Costs Him the Business Deal

A young woman whipped Redditors into a frenzy when she asked for opinions after she forced her husband to join her sister’s birthday celebration. A little cake and ice cream never carried such heavy consequences! Here is the whole story.

An 18th Birthday Celebration

OP is a 26-year-old woman whose sister just turned 18 years old. As the birthday approached, the family planned to celebrate at a fancy restaurant.

The exception was OP’s husband, who already had a business dinner scheduled for the same evening as the party.

OP’s family was upset with his decision to work instead of going to the party because they were all close and really wanted him there.

OP was more or less OK with the arrangement, however. She understood that her husband had to work, and they definitely needed the money from his job.

Her Husband Was at the Same Restaurant With Clients

But when OP arrived at the restaurant the night of the party, she was surprised to see her husband sitting at a corner table with four other men.

The couple hadn’t compared notes, so OP didn’t realize they would be at the same place.

OP’s husband seemed surprised, too, and he ignored her when she waved at him.

Everybody else at the birthday party noticed that OP’s husband was at the restaurant, too. When the cake arrived, her parents asked her why her hubby hadn’t at least come by to say hi.

He Ignored Her, so She Went To Say “Hello”

At that point, OP decided to take matters into her own hands. She walked over to her husband’s table and stood before him.

Naturally, all the men stopped talking and turned to look at the intruder, who introduced herself.

OP asked her husband if he would join the party just long enough for her sister to blow out the candles and wish her a happy birthday.

OP’s husband said he was busy and couldn’t interrupt his conversation. But OP insisted and said it would only take a few minutes.

He Was Annoyed and Embarrassed

OP’s husband was obviously annoyed and embarrassed, but he apologized to his clients and excused himself. He said he’d be back shortly, but none of the other men said anything.

At the birthday table, OP sat with the group and watched her sister blow out her candles.

When they cut the cake, OP’s parents insisted that her husband take a piece and stick around for the group selfie.

Instead, OP’s husband got up without saying a word and returned to his clients. He and OP didn’t speak again until they got home that night.

She Said He Was Overreacting

That’s when OP’s husband tore into her, saying she embarrassed him and may have cost him some business.

She said he was overreacting since the whole thing only interrupted his business meeting for about 5 minutes.

But her husband OP accused OP of tampering with his professional life. In turn, she said how he treated her family was unacceptable.

Now They Aren’t Talking

She couldn’t believe he had ignored them all when they were in the same restaurant.

Now, OP and her husband aren’t talking. She says she had no problem with him missing the party because of his work commitments.

But she thinks he should have come to see her family when he saw them in the same restaurant.

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