Husband’s Coffee Clash: ‘Get a Job, Then Dictate My Brew!’ Sparks A Meltdown!

A well-caffeinated husband stirred up outrage on Reddit after he told his wife she could choose his coffee for him as soon as she gets a job. But it wasn’t the comment itself that had everyone buzzing. Here is the whole story.

He Loves His Coffee

OP works from home, and his wife doesn’t have a job. So she has complete insight into everything he does during his workday.

Like many desk workers, OP loves his coffee, and he brews it himself. For a long time that amounted to a $15 bag of grounds that would last him five weeks or so.

But recently, OP discovered a different coffee that he likes much better. He gets it at the local grocery store, costing $12 a bag.

The problem is that the bag is much smaller and only lasts 1-2 weeks, So the overall cost of OPs coffee has about doubled.

His New Coffee Was Costing More

And, of course, since she witnessed OP’s routine, his wife noticed the change.

Also, OP’s wife wanted to know how much his upgraded grounds cost the family. So he told her the truth but also showed her that they were still way under their monthly grocery budget.

She wasn’t too happy with that but seemed to let it go. So OP kept buying and enjoying his new favorite coffee.

In the meantime, OP also continued to do many household chores. For the past six months, his wife has been dealing with severe depression that keeps her just sitting around the house almost all the time.

He’s Doing a Lot More Chores Around the House

OP doesn’t mind the extra work much, but he admits the added responsibility on top of his job can be challenging.

One of the jobs that his wife used to do that OP does now is grocery shopping. And that’s how he happened on the new coffee, causing them some issues.

After a recent trip to the store, OP’s wife saw him unloading another bag of the more expensive coffee, and she jumped on the opportunity to confront him about it..

She told OP that he was spending way too much on the fancy new coffee and needed to return to the other stuff.

If She Got a Job, She Could Also Have a Say

OP was frazzled because he had spent the morning cleaning and doing other household chores before shopping. So he snapped.

OP told his wife that the one who had the job had to choose what groceries they bought.

And OP told her that if she got a job or even started contributing around the house again, she could have a say in how they spent their money.

OP knew immediately that he had reacted angrily, and he could see the hurt on his wife’s face. She called him an a-hole and stormed out of the room.

It Should Be About His Wife Finally Getting Proper Treatment for Her Depression

Now, OP is wondering if he has the right to make grocery choices for the family, especially whether he should keep buying his more expensive coffee.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP in this situation. Most of them don’t have a problem with his outburst or the conditions he gave his wife.

Some acknowledge that OP’s words were harsh, but they still think he was justified for lashing out.

A few point out that the real issue has nothing to do with coffee and is all about his wife finally getting proper treatment for her depression.

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