Husband’s Insult To Pregnant Wife Backfires After He Calls Her a “Whale”; He Learns the Hard Way!

This husband’s attempt to surprise his pregnant wife with a memorable trip to the hot springs went horribly wrong when he joked that her body resembled a giant, round whale. Her reaction was everything you’d expect!

A Romantic Escape

This devoted husband planned a surprise weekend getaway for his pregnant wife.

The romantic hot springs became the couple’s destination for relaxation.

Seeking quality time together, the couple indulged in a couple’s massage and facial treatment.

The calming atmosphere set the stage for a blissful and romantic experience.

He Jumped in the Pool With a Spectacular Splash

Eager to make lasting memories, the husband and wife headed to the communal area where a large heated pool awaited them.

The wife gracefully entered the water while the husband decided to add a splash of excitement.

The husband swiftly removed his shirt, ready to show off his playful side, preparing for a spectacular cannonball dive into the pool.

The husband’s cannonball created a spectacular splash, drawing the attention and amusement of everyone present.

She Playfully Compared Her Husband to a Giant White Whale

The wife couldn’t contain her laughter as she playfully compared her husband to a giant white whale, highlighting dad bod.

A lighthearted remark from the husband took an unexpected turn.

The husband jokingly commented that if anyone resembled a whale, it would be his wife due to her beautifully round pregnancy belly.

Little did he realize the impact his words would have.

She Was Shocked and Hurt

In an instant, the wife’s expression shifted to shock and hurt.

Overwhelmed, she impulsively slapped her husband around the face, leaving him bewildered.

Her heart heavy, the wife silently retreated to their room, leaving her husband in a state of confusion, and he’s had the silent treatment ever since.

The husband has taken to Reddit to determine if he deserved the dreaded slap.

“You Gotta Be Super Naïve To Make Weight Jokes to a Pregnant Woman”

One user argued, “You gotta be super naive to make weight jokes to a pregnant woman, for real.”

Another was slightly more understanding by suggesting they were both in the wrong, “Whether or not she was upset, you shouldn’t have said what you did, and she shouldn’t have touched you.”

Should she still be upset, or do you think the wife should have moved on by now?

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