Husband’s New Career Advice: ‘Why Enjoy Life When You Can Work More?’ – Wife’s Weekend Job Just Isn’t Enough for Him!

A young husband sparked outrage on Reddit when he told his wife she needed to find another job because she’s wasting her days. Seeing her be happier than he is just didn’t seem to cut it for him. Here is the full story.

She Makes More Than Him!

OP is a 26-year-old man who has been married to his 24-year-old wife for four years. During their entire marriage, she has held down the same job and made good money.

The problem for OP is that his wife works all weekend every weekend. Most of the time, she leaves home on Friday evening and doesn’t get back until Sunday evening.

Conversely, OP works more “normal” hours at a job that pays just above minimum wage, plus tips.

OP knows his wife makes more than him, though she won’t tell him how much more. She also won’t tell him what she does because of her confidentiality agreement with her employer.

And She Pays More Into the Household Expenses

But to account for the difference in pay, they split the bills. OP pays for 40%, and his wife pays for the other 60%.

They also have joint and individual bank accounts, and OP struggles to make ends meet. He regularly needs to borrow from their joint account to cover expenses.

His wife doesn’t have that problem, so OP knows she makes more than enough from her job to do what she wants with her free time.

But it really bothers OP that his wife putters around the house all day and plays video games while he’s at work.

She Hates Cooking

OP says his wife does some chores, but not all of them. And she refuses to cook, saying she’s no good at it and hates it.

Regarding meals, OP’s wife either makes herself a frozen dinner or orders takeout. On the rare occasion, they’re both home at dinner time, she orders him takeout, too.

Fed up with not seeing his wife on the weekends and having her “play” while he works, OP recently told his wife that she needs to get another job.

Only he doesn’t want her to quit her current job. Instead, OP wants his wife to keep her job but also work a daytime job during the week and stop wasting her time off.

She Has No Interest in Another Job!

Of course, OP’s wife told him she’s not wasting her day but enjoying the off time she earns by working hard on the weekends. She has no interest in adding another job to her week.

But OP told his wife it’s unfair that he comes home tired after working all day only to find her relaxed and happy. He apparently wants her to be tired, too.

OP’s wife told him he was being an idiot and pretty much stopped talking to him.

Now, OP is trying to figure out if he was wrong for asking his wife to get another job.

Do You Think He’s Jealous and Controlling?

Most of his family agrees with OP that his wife should work during the week. But his own mother thinks he is way out of line with his wife.

Redditors really tore into OP for his attitude about his wife and her job.

Many say that he is jealous and controlling and just wants his wife to be as miserable as he is.

Perhaps He Should Look for Another Job…

Some suggest that OP should look for a different job to better his situation.

Still, others wonder how much OP cares about his wife and say he should be building her up rather than tearing her down.

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