Husband’s Unthinkable Act: He Destroys His Daughter’s Cherished Piano in Cold Blooded Fury!

A distraught mother sparked outrage on Reddit when she revealed that she’s forcing her husband to buy her daughter a new piano. If that sounds drastic, wait until you hear the reason behind the demand! Here is the whole story.

She Loves Playing the Piano

OP has been with her husband for two and a half years. She has a 13-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.

The teenager is very interested in music; the piano is her first love and #1 instrument. OP thinks the girl has natural talent but appreciates that playing allows her to work through her feelings.

OP’s first husband died when her daughter was just 7, and the girl says she feels connected to her dad when she plays.

So naturally, OP has encouraged her daughter’s interest, as have the girl’s grandparents. They bought her an expensive piano that their granddaughter can’t keep her hands off of.

But Her Husband Isn’t Enthusiastic

The problem is that OP’s husband doesn’t share the rest of the family’s enthusiasm.

He thinks the piano is distracting his stepdaughter from her schoolwork, and he refuses to attend any of her performances. It upsets OP, but she tries to keep the peace between her husband and daughter.

It’s not easy, though, because OP’s husband is always griping about the piano. If he comes home from work and hears the daughter playing, he tells her to stop wasting time.

After one incident, OP had finally had enough, so she pulled her husband aside and told him to stop cutting down her daughter’s dreams. They argued for a while, but he finally gave in and said he’d back off.

“You Can Find Another Home for the Piano or I’ll Get Rid of It Myself”

More recently, though, OP’s husband woke up angry because her daughter was playing when he was trying to sleep after a long week at work. After another argument, he gave her a choice.

OP’s husband said that she could either find another home for the piano or he’d get rid of it himself.

The matter wasn’t settled when OP had to leave the house for a while. When she returned, she was horrified that the piano was gone.

When OP asked where it was, her husband said that he had taken it to the junkyard and had it cut into pieces.

He DESTROYED the Piano

Furious and heartbroken, OP told her husband that he had to replace the piano, and she gave him two days to do it.

OP’s husband apologized and claimed he’d destroyed the piano out of frustration, and he agreed that he would replace it. But he couldn’t do it in two days.

The only way he could come up with that money so quickly was to drain the savings account he was building to start a business. OP didn’t want to hear excuses, however.

OP’s husband asked for four months to come up with the money, but she knows four months is an eternity to a kid. And she won’t let her daughter suffer because her husband threw a fit.

Is She Being Unreasonable?

So OP stood her ground, even though her husband had several family members contact her. They begged and demanded more time, saying it wasn’t fair for her to ruin his career.

OP isn’t budging from her timeline, but she wonders if she’s being unreasonable.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s stance in this situation. They say her husband was mean and must replace the piano immediately.

“Get Out Immediately!”

They don’t care why he saved his money and see it as having only one purpose. That’s to buy a new piano for his stepdaughter.

Many commenters urge OP to reconsider her relationship, with several advising her to get out immediately. They think it’s only a matter of time before her husband does something worse.

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