Her Side-Hustle Obsessed Boyfriend Uses Need for Focus as Excuse to Mistreat and Control Her

A young man sparked outrage on Reddit when he revealed that he asked his girlfriend to leave their house during the day so he could get his work done. The bonus for her is that he leaves at night. Here is the full story.

Looming Visa Expiration Date

OP is a 24-year-old Canadian man living in the United States for ten months. For seven of those months, he has lived with his 25-year-old girlfriend.

OP is in the U.S. on a visa and will soon have to return to Canada, which makes him nervous.

The main issue is his income because OP has been supporting his family members, sending money back home for medical bills, and the like.

And during his time in the U.S., OP has built up several side hustles that keep him working most of every day and night.

Girlfriend Now Unemployed

So, while he’s still in the States, OP is working harder than ever to make the most of his current situation.

That means OP doesn’t have much time to spend with his girlfriend. But he told her that would be his situation when they moved in together.

Recently, though, OP’s girlfriend lost her job, meaning she’s home with him all day. And that’s where the trouble really started.

Their place is small, and OP feels like his girlfriend is on top of him when she’s just sitting in the same room. It makes it hard to concentrate.

She Won’t Stop Interrupting

And, even though OP’s girlfriend understands that he’s working, she often tries to start conversations. And she’s also a little messy, which is distracting in its own right.

After trying to cope with the situation for a while, OP asked his girlfriend to go to their bedroom during the day while he was working.

She agreed, but that only lasted a few weeks. Then she started complaining to OP that she felt trapped and should be able to go anywhere in their home since she paid half the rent.

Stay Away

OP knew his girlfriend was right about that, but he still needed some space.

 So, after several arguments, they finally agreed that she would leave the house during the day, and OP would leave in the evenings.

That setup also worked for a while, but OP’s girlfriend didn’t like being barred from her home during the day.

And then, the girlfriend had an accident, which landed her car in the shop for a month. So she ended up right there in OP’s space again.

Girlfriend Told to Go to the Kitchen!

It all came to a head recently when OP’s girlfriend fixed herself some lunch one day and sat down to eat it.

OP had a friend over that day who was sitting on the small couch where OP’s girlfriend usually ate.

The girlfriend took her food to the couch as usual, but OP asked her to go eat in the kitchen. He said she’d have more room there.

OP’s girlfriend left the room as he asked, but he could tell she was honked off. Later on, she confronted him about the situation.

He’s Too Controlling

The girlfriend told OP she was tired of him controlling her all the time. She repeated that she should be able to do whatever she wanted in their home.

OP tried to remind his girlfriend that he was working to build a future for them, but she didn’t want to hear it.

Now, OP feels like his girlfriend is being selfish, but she’s angry and hurt. She wants him to make changes that will impact his work.

Redditors came down hard on OP, accusing him of using his hustles as excuses to mistreat his girlfriend.

She Could Do Better

They agree with the GF that OP is controlling, and many of them question his entire story.

Some commenters jokingly say that OP is doing his GF a favor by sending her out daily. Maybe she’ll meet a better guy while she’s out, they say.

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