“I Deserve to Be Treated Like a Princess” – Controversial Advice on Dating From a Model Has Divided the Internet

A plus-size model took to TikTok to give lessons on how to avoid certain types of men when on a first date — a controversial video that has divided the internet.

Controversial Dating Strategy

Gabby Fé, a plus-size model, unveiled her controversial dating strategy that recently divided the internet. Gabby’s unapologetic approach zeroes in on a single factor, and it’s not love — it’s a man’s financial stability. 

Gabby Fe is an American, plus-size model with over 45k followers on TikTok, hosting her own podcast and appearing in many plus-sized lingerie shoots.

Straight to the Point

Gabby got straight to the point with her dating experiences by removing certain candidates right from the start. 

While not everyone may see eye to eye with her method, its simplicity can’t be denied. 

Her Method

Let’s take a look at the steps she takes to avoid men with a below-par bank account.

Gabby’s first step involved a candid inquiry into the guy’s profession and hometown, giving her an initial idea of his potential bank account balance.

Income Status

Using the example of “Aerospace Engineer,” Gabby admitted that when a guy told her his job, she would go “straight to Google” and type in “aerospace engineer salary.”

She then says, “$200,000? Great! That’s in the income range of the guys that I date.” Claiming she only dates the wealthiest of individuals.

She then used those who work at fast food chain McDonald’s as an example of a guy who “just doesn’t earn enough to date me.”

Sleeping Arrangements

Interestingly, for step two she accidentally mixes up her numbers, calling it “step three” by mistake. 

Gabby then delved into the living situations of potential partners, scrutinizing the quality of their sleeping arrangements as she tried to understand their lifestyle.

“Does he have his own bed?” She pondered while ticking her imaginary checklist, “Does he have more than one pillow?” She humorously continued.

Transportation Etiquette

Transportation manners, according to Gabby, are an important indicator of a man’s financial situation.

She says if he makes you call your own Uber to the date to see him, it’s an “automatic ‘no’, he’s a broke boy.”

She then demanded that the boy must pick her up or send the Uber himself because “I’m a lady, I deserve to be treated like a princess.”

Sweating the Small Stuff

Gabby then asserts that if the guy is fretting over the “$1 up charge on his cheese,” then she gets out of the restaurant as quickly as possible.

One TikTok user replied to the video with shade, saying, “Girl, look at you! If you find a man you’re already winning.”

Another user gave a more mature response, saying, “You want a high value man, it’s your right and no shades to that; but you need to be high value and representative as well, to be able to get him.”

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